‘DOOL’ Spoilers: A Hallucination Of A Vow Renewal Was Only The Beginning, Time For The Real Nuptials

DOOL fans have been watching as Deimos spiked the drinks at the celebration party for the return of the plane crash victims. His need to seek vengeance caused a lot of chaos. Fans already know what to expect as the poisoned guests begin to hallucinate. Now we have more spoilers for what is to come.

Warning: The following will contain DOOL spoilers. If you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

Chad and Abigail are both harboring deep feelings for each other. Even though the divorce has been finalized, the emotions are still very raw. Chad was hurt when he heard that Abigail became engaged to Dario while he was marooned on an island. Now that he and Gabi are back in Salem, Abigail is having trouble seeing the two together.

After drinking some of the spiked champagne during a toast, Abigail didn’t feel well. Chad made sure she made it to her room safely, but this gave the two a chance to share some special moments and a vivid hallucination together. Even though it brought up the unresolved feelings, the two go their separate ways. Chad returns to Gabi, and Dario is there for Abigail.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chad will struggle with his mixed emotions as Gabi notices there is something different. He is determined to continue on in his relationship with Gabi and leave Abigail to pursue her own relationship with Dario.

DOOL spoilers also reveal that Jennifer becomes more nervous about the wedding of her daughter to Dario. As the date draws near, she reaches out to Chad to ask for his help. The worried mom wants her ex-son-in-law to talk to Abigail and try to get her to stop the wedding. Wisely, Chad lets her know that he doesn’t feel that is his place anymore and he shouldn’t interfere with Abigail’s wishes.


In true soap opera format, DOOL fans will see a twist for Dario and Abigail’s wedding. They are short two witnesses, so Chad and Gabi help them out. After the vows are exchanged, so are a few words between Abigail’s ex-husband and new husband. Chad makes it clear that Thomas is his son and no other man will play father to him.


Do you think Chad should have stopped Abigail from marrying Dario? Is it possible that DOOL fans will see a reunion of Chad and Abigail in the future? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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