Stefan Karl Stefansson Cancer Update: In His Final Days, Robbie Rotten Of ‘LazyTown’ Basking In Love From Fans

Stefan Karl Stefansson is nearing the end of his battle with a terminal cancer diagnosis, but the actor famous for his role as Robbie Rotten on the children’s television show LazyTown is spending that time basking in the outpouring of support from his fans.

The actor was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer, and his wife posted last week that the cancer was no longer responding to traditional treatment. In the post (via We the Unicorns), Stefan’s wife said that the actor’s time was limited, writing that his “candle burns quickly.”

There has been a sudden and seemingly out-of-the-blue interest in Robbie Rotten on the internet in recent months. The character became a wildly popular meme on Reddit among many who were nostalgic for the popular children’s show, and Robbie Rotten was even named “Meme of Year” by Reddit’s Dank Memes subreddit.

Stefan Karl Stefansson has enjoyed playing along with this new group of fans, hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit and even posting a live performance of the song “We Are No. 1” that was the basis of the meme.

Now that his cancer has reached a terminal stage, Stefan Karl Stefansson has spent even more time interacting with fans and thanking them for their support. Many of them have flooded his Facebook page with pictures of his character and memories of their personal interactions with them, with Stefansson taking the time to respond personally to many of the fans.

There are signs that Stefansson’s battle with cancer could be growing more difficult. On Wednesday, Stefansson posted a message to his Facebook page telling fans that he would be going back to the hospital, but that he didn’t believe it would be a long stay.

“Well, back to the hospital for a few days a little backlash but nothing serious, but then just home again,” he wrote in his native Icelandic. “Here’s life, two steps forward and one more back, in the end, one gets on your way: o) Have a great day today.”

Stefan Karl Stefansson had already been hospitalized for more than two weeks with an infection, his wife noted in a Facebook post last week.

As Stefan Karl Stefansson continues his battle with cancer, fans of his LazyTown character, Robbie Rotten, continue to create and post tributes to him. Reddit’s Dank Memes subreddit has become something of a de facto tribute to the actor, with many also sharing and giving to his GoFundMe page.

[Featured Image by LazyTown/Facebook]