‘Until Dawn’ And ‘Game Of Thrones’ Headline Free PS Plus Games For July

PlayStation 4 owners will get one of the better free game line-ups from their PlayStation Plus subscription in quite while next week. Sony announced the July slate games Wednesday, and it includes titles like the PS4 exclusive Until Dawn and Telltale’s Game of Thrones.

The PS Plus instant game collection will be updated on Tuesday, July 4 with three games for the PS4, two for the PS3, and two for the PS Vita (one of which is a Cross Buy title with the PS4). Until Dawn and Game of Thrones are definitely the highlights on the PS4, but the PlayStation 3 free titles aren’t too shabby either. There is the unique Tokyo Jungle along with the Capcom fighting game compilation, Darkstalkers Resurrection.

The PS Vita side is quite possibly the weakest with the experimental platformer Element4l and the mobile port Don’t Die, Mr. Robot.

As a reminder, the June line-up of free PS Plus games will still be available until the PlayStation Store refreshes on Tuesday. This includes the horror shooter Killing Floor 2 and the episodic adventure game, Life is Strange. There is also the PS4 and PS Vita Cross Buy titles Neon Chrome and Spy Chameleon. Meanwhile, PS3 owners still have Abyss Odyssey and WRC 5: World Rally Championship.

[Image by Sony]

A PlayStation Plus subscription is required to download any of these titles. A one-year subscription starts at $60 but can be found cheaper through various sales by retailers both physical and digital only.

Until Dawn

Developer SuperMassive Games managed to turn this spin on the teen horror genre into one of the surprise exclusives released for the PlayStation 4. Players will need to keep a group of young adults alive through numerous jump scares and a killer trying to murder them all. The game received a 79 Metacritic score praising the game for its twists and jumps, but some reviewers weren’t fans of the plot.

Game of Thrones

Jon Snow guest stars in Telltale's Game of Thrones
[Image by Telltale]

Telltale’s take on the Game of Thrones universe pits the Forrester House against the sadistic Ramsey Bolton. It fills in somewhere around the third and fourth seasons of the show with the story switching from one character to another of the house under siege. The title earned a 69 Metacritic score due to critics due to some technical issues along with an uneven pace of storytelling.

[Featured Image by SuperMassive Games/Sony]