‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Camilla Luddington Teases The Future For Jo Wilson

Camilla Luddington has teased about the future for Jo Wilson in the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Season 13 looked set to be an exciting season for her with the DeLuca/Alex drama, but things changed partway through due to the actress’ pregnancy. Season 14 is set to include her more, especially now that Alex knows who Jo’s husband is (and knows Jo’s real name).

Jo (or you may call her Brooke) will likely find herself still caught in the middle of the Alex/DeLuca drama. DeLuca made it clear that he liked Jo as more than a friend, but she got him to stop partway through the sense. This isn’t a place that she wants to go with the first man to find out her deep, dark secret.

Carter Matt shares that DeLuca may start to regret his decision to drop the charges against Alex in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. The young intern may be angry that Jo has decided to move forward with her relationship with Alex again. This could certainly be a possibility if Jo’s husband, Paul (played by Matthew Morrison from Glee) shows up at the hospital.

Luddington has also shared that there may be hope for Jo’s career moving forward. Grey’s Anatomy fans haven’t been blinded to the fact that Jo seems to have stagnated in her career. She is nowhere near as advanced in her knowledge as the likes of Stephanie Edwards and Ben Warren. Now that Jerrika Hinton has left her role as Edwards, there is a chance for Jo to be a more prominent character and focus more on her career.

Luddington spent June 27 teasing fans for Grey’s Anatomy Season 14, with a GIF of Alex and Jo almost kissing. It certainly suggested that Jolex is in the future. Fans have asked whether the Jolex ship name will change since Jo’s real name is something else, but Luddington couldn’t answer that. If Jo’s real name is actually Brooke, the ship name could be Brolex.

The actress also interacted with fans, admitting that a lot of unscripted moments make it to the final cut. One of the unscripted scenes was the almost kiss in the GIF. She also shared that she isn’t back on set yet, but does miss the Grey’s family.

Grey’s Anatomy fans have a little longer to wait for the new season. Season 14 will air on Thursdays on ABC from September 28.

[Featured Image by Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]