‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Panics As Matt Meets New Boyfriend, Chris

Warning: This post contains Little People, Big World spoilers.

While most of Little People, Big World‘s two-hour season finale dealt with the joyful arrival of Baby Jackson, the episode also showed the awkward first encounter between Amy Roloff’s new boyfriend, Chris Marek, 54, and her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, 55.

It was a meeting that Amy admitted left her “panicking.”

On Tuesday’s installment of the show, Amy, 52, had Chris over for dinner at her home on Roloff Farms. It was then that Chris gently pressed Amy about meeting Matt.

“Any more thoughts about me meeting Matt?” he said.

“Oh gosh. Do you really want to?” she said, clearly somewhat horrified by the prospect.

“I see him at a distance all the time, walking across his land,” Chris continued. “And it just seems like it would be polite to say hello. It could just be a cordial hello, or just sit down and have a beer.”

Amy instantly made her preference on the length of any potential meeting clear.

“In my mind, I would just prefer a cordial ‘hello’ and ‘see you later,'” she said.

During the chat, Amy Roloff also confessed that Matt said he wanted to meet Chris, though she said the very thought made her queasy.

“I just don’t want him part of my personal life!”

Later in the episode, Amy told Little People, Big World cameras that she didn’t really trust Matt Roloff’s motivations in requesting some face time with Chris, saying that he frequently has an agenda.

“Matt is a very forceful personality,” she explained. “Matt wants to remain in control all the time, What is it you really want? It just seems weird to me.”

In the end, however, the encounter between Matt and Chris went as well as could be expected, with the two having a chat outside while Amy watched them from inside her home.

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt complimented Chris, saying that all of his kids had said nice things about him, and Chris seemed to come away with a favorable impression of Matt.

“He’s a nice guy, friendly,” he said.

This made Amy roll her eyes and say, “Of course he is,” obviously thinking Matt had purposely put on a charm offensive to gain the upper hand.

Amy also said she had no plans to go schedule regular get-togethers between her and Chris and Matt and his new girlfriend (and Roloff Farms manager), Caryn Chandler.

“No,” Amy said firmly.

Little People, Big World viewers were undoubtedly relieved that Amy and Matt stopped all their squabbling when their first grandchild — Zach and Tori Roloff’s son, Jackson Kyle — was born at the end of the episode.

As Amy noted, she and Matt are going to be grandparents forever, so “we’re going to do our best to get along.”

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Little People, Big World returns to TLC in September.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]