Leah Messer Does Her First Speaking Engagement And People Freak Out

Leah Messer has been a role model for many young women struggling with depression and anxiety. This Teen Mom 2 star has dedicated her time and energy to sharing her troublesome story on the famous MTV show. It’s no secret that it hasn’t always been pretty for her, as she almost lost custody of her twin girls to Corey Simms a few years ago. However, Messer fought her way through her depression, and she was able to keep custody of her girls. Over the past couple of months, Messer has been sharing inspirational quotes on her social media pages, and people are loving this new mother.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is getting lots of praise for her first speaking engagement, and it sounds like people are very inspired by what she’s been able to achieve as a single mother of three children. On Instagram, Leah revealed that she was overwhelmed with the amount of support she was receiving, especially since it must have been nerve-wracking for her to speak out in front of people she doesn’t know. However, it sounds like she owned the stage with confidence and fans can look forward to seeing her speak again. People freaked out because it was simply awesome, according to people’s responses.

Based on her Instagram post, it sounds like Leah Messer’s first speech was indeed a motivation one. She writes that she wants everyone to live their standards and keep themselves to a high level of expectations. Of course, Messer herself may have struggled with self-confidence after two failed marriages and three children. However, she’s been able to get herself back on her feet, and she’s currently attending school.

Messer would be the first of the Teen Mom stars to go out and do inspirational speeches for larger audiences. While many of her co-stars have written books about their troublesome lives in hopes of inspiring others, Messer would be the first to do a face-to-face event, where people can meet her. If she feels confident doing it, she should definitely continue.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s first speaking engagement? Do you think she should continue this journey given how people are reacting to her speech?

[Featured Image via MTV]