Megan Fox Told Husband: We Need A Night Nurse Or We’re Getting Divorced

Megan Fox Told Husband: We Need A Night Nurse Or We're Getting Divorced

Megan Fox isn’t having the easiest time as a new mom.

The actress and husband Brian Austin Green recently welcomed their son Noah, the first child for Fox. But though she toldE! News that she loves her 10-week-old baby so much that “it hurts,” Fox admits the stress of a newborn is wearing on her.

“[T]wo weeks ago I said to Brian, ‘We have to get a night nurse or we’re going to get a divorce because somebody’s got to sleep in this house or we’re going to kill each other,’ ” Fox told British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror.

Megan Fox recently got her wish, as she and Brian Austin-Green did indeed hire a night nurse to take off some of the stress they face as new parents.

“Having an infant is difficult,” Megan Fox added. “It’s a lot of work and I didn’t hire any help [at first] because I overestimated my own abilities. I had no idea how difficult babies could be, so Brian and I were exhausted.”

This is one of the few times Megan Fox has spoken publicly about being a new parent. Though Noah was born on September 27, the couple didn’t announce the news until a few weeks later.

She did give some details about her son’s name, telling the UK publication the Sun that it took her back to the religious beliefs instilled in her as a child in rural Tennessee.

“I went through a stage in my early 20s when I was very rebellious against how I was raised and I wasn’t worried about faith or religion but now, maybe because of getting married and wanting to have a family, I’ve come back full circle,” Megan Fox said.