‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fans Lash Out Over ‘Stupid’ And ‘Disappointing’ Finale

Pretty Little Liars finally wrapped up on Freeform on June 27 after seven seasons, but not everyone is so happy with how the drama left things after teasing A.D.’s reveal since 2011.

A number of fans headed to social media to put the show on serious blast after seeing how things wrapped up for the liars in the final ever episode, calling out those behind the scenes and claiming that they were left “disappointed” by what they called a “stupid” ending to the show.

“Can y’all believe I wasted [seven] f***ing years for this stupid a** finale #PLLGameOver,” Twitter user @accioalcohol hit back of the final ever Pretty Little Liars episode. A second disgruntled fan wrote online, “I’m so disappointed and not shocked about this stupid ending. #pll.”

Another long-time watcher of the popular Freeform drama added on the social media site the morning after the PLL finale aired that they “can positively say I wasted 7 years of my life on that stupid show” while a fourth viewer wrote that they “hated” how the show came to an end after A.D was unmasked.

But while some fans were seriously unhappy with how things ended for the Pretty Little Liars gang, others were a little more positive when it came to how showrunner Marlene King decided to end things for the girls fans have watched grow up over the past six years and seven seasons.

'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Lash Out Over 'Stupid' And 'Disappointing' Series Finale
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Pretty Little Liars fan @xMolliex wrote online that they “loved” the reveal of A.D. but claimed that they weren’t convinced by their motive to torture the Liars and @charlotte_a_s tweeted that they actually liked how the popular series ended so much that they were sad to see the show go.

As Inquisitr previously reported, a number of big bombshells were dropped during the final ever episode.

The evil A.D. was finally unmasked in the finale after it was revealed that Spencer had an evil twin who had been torturing her sister and her friends for years.

But just because A.D. has been revealed after six long years – much to the dismay of fans – that doesn’t necessarily mean that Pretty Little Liars is done forever.

Just last week the show’s showrunner teased that a spin-off could soon be coming to TV screens while the stars of the drama themselves also recently admitted that they’ve talked about turning the franchise into a movie for the big screen to continue the story.

Pretty Little Liars fans aren't happy with the show's 'stupid' finale
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“Rosewood goes on, there’s always more to say,” actress Sasha Pieterse, who played Alison DiLaurentis on the show, told Hollywood Reporter when asked if there’s a chance a PLL movie could happen. “Never say never.”

King also teased a new TV series to Entertainment Tonight, admitting that although nothing is set in stone just yet there are ideas “swirling” when it comes to how the PLL world could continue on now the original series has come to an end.

What did you think of the Pretty Little Liars finale? Were things wrapped up as you hoped or do you agree with fans slamming the last ever episode as “stupid” and “disappointing?”

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