Who Is Rihanna’s New Boyfriend? Get To Know Wealthy Businessman Hassan Jameel

It has been quite some time since Rihanna has been romantically linked to anyone, but recent photos may have just confirmed that the sultry songstress has a new boyfriend. The “Diamonds” hitmaker made headlines a few days ago when her steamy photos with a mystery lover emerged. The pictures were taken at a private luxury pool villa in Spain, and the couple was caught making out in the pool. So who is Rihanna’s new boyfriend?

According to Mail Online, the name of the singer’s mystery lover is Hassan Jameel, and his family owns the rights to the Toyota car dealership in Saudi Arabia. The handsome businessman has been rubbing shoulders with royalty. He was last seen meeting with Prince Andrew at the Bab Rizq Jameel Centre, which is a place that offers guidance to young entrepreneurs in the Middle East country.

Rihanna and Hassan have allegedly been trying to keep their relationship a secret. However, recent pictures of the 29-year-old singer and the Saudi heir makes it difficult to deny their romance. The lovers were spotted sipping on champagne and kissing each other. After their PDA at the pool, they were seen smiling at each other as they headed to their room.

A source confirmed to The Sun that the couple’s relationship is the real deal. In fact, the “Work” hitmaker reportedly told her friends that she is in love with Jameel. However, the two preferred to keep their romance a secret probably to avoid the paparazzi.

“They’ve been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are really serious,” an insider said. “They’re really enjoying each other’s company.”

Chris Brown and Rihanna
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Rihanna never had any serious relationship after her controversial assault by Chris Brown back in 2009. Despite the attack, she still took him back and had a brief reunion from late 2012 to summer of 2013. She was romantically linked to Travis Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio in 2015, and she dated Drake on and off for a couple of years.

The dating history of Rih’s alleged new boyfriend Hassan Jameel is still unknown, but he was spotted looking affectionate with Naomi Campbell at the British Summer Time Festival in London in July 2016. During an interview with Vanity Fair a few years ago, Rihanna revealed that she is more conservative than she appears.

Drake and Rihanna
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Despite her raunchy and notorious image, Riri claimed that she cannot have sex for fun because she doesn’t like waking up feeling empty and hollow. In fact, she has reportedly been looking for a special person to share her life and revealed the characteristics of her future boyfriend.

“A very extraordinary gentleman, with a lot of patience, will come along when I least expect it,” she said.

Rihanna probably has found those qualities in her alleged current lover, Hassan.

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