Hassan Jameel: Rihanna’s New Boyfriend Looks Like Drake – Photos Of Saudi Abdul Latif Jameel Chairman Go Viral

The Internet is officially “shooketh.” The below photos of Rihanna making out hot and heavy with Hassan Jameel, a Saudi Toyota billionaire and chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, have gone completely viral. As reported by The Sun, Hassan and Rihanna had love on the brain when they were caught kissing passionately in a pool in Spain. Social media users quickly took to their Twitter and Instagram feeds to publish their thoughts about the 29-year-old Rihanna kissing Hassan, after Jameel’s name was released to the press.

Hassan is a very rich man, whose Jameel Family name entitles Hassan to sell Toyota vehicles in the Middle East. As such, Hassan’s name appears in plenty of articles and with Jameel photographed at plenty of events, such as the photo of the appearance of “Hassan Jameel at Abdul Latif Jameel and Toyota’s 60th anniversary event” being spread around aplenty. There was also the time that “Mr. Hassan Jameel” welcomed delegates, as it is termed on the Abdul Latif Jameel website, in the description of a photo that shows Hassan towering over the guests. Photos of Jameel shaking hands with another man have gone viral, but not as viral as the below photos of Hassan kissing Rihanna in the pool in Spain.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Rihanna and Hassan are serious, with the duo reportedly keeping their relationship under wraps for some time now. Rihanna reportedly enjoyed champagne and inhaled a cigarette during the vacation at the villa, in between kissing Hassan.

Hassan has also been pegged as having once dated or befriended Naomi Campbell prior to Jameel’s now-viral romp with Rihanna. What some social media users are buzzing about is how much Hassan favors 30-year-old Drake from some angles, Rihanna’s famous ex-boyfriend.

Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Go Viral On Social Media

Rihanna and Drake reportedly had an on-again, off-again relationship. However, with the new photos of Jameel and Rihanna appearing to be very close, it appears Rihanna has moved on. Meanwhile, as seen in the below video, Drake and Rihanna apparently avoided one another at a child’s birthday party.

Warning: The below video contains language that might be offensive.

[Featured Image by Jeff Gross/Getty Images]