Blame Snoop Dogg For Tupac Shakur’s Death, Actor Claims Amid ‘All Eyez On Me’ Controversy

Could Snoop Dogg save Tupac Shakur from the deadly shootout that killed the rapper? A Hollywood actor has claimed that Dogg was capable enough to call off the plan to kill his fellow rapper.

According to Faizon Love, Snoop Dogg could have stopped it as he had enough connection in the Crips gang. Faizon went live on Instagram, when he claimed that Tupac Shakur would still be alive if Dogg wanted it.

The comedian also added that Tupac Shakur’s death had a lot to do with the tense relationship he had with Snoop Dogg. The tension in their relationship led to a number of events and ultimately killed the rapper.

“I mean, because like I said, Snoop was a Crip,” The Sun quoted the actor as saying. “Pac affiliates were Crips doing some gang s**t. Some dumb n***a gang s**t, really.”

Tupac Shakur’s bodyguard James McDonald, aka Mob James, earlier claimed that the rapper himself was responsible for his own death. He apparently behaved like an “untouchable gangster” before he was assassinated.

During his last days, the singer-actor apparently believed nothing could hurt him. His attitude changed, as he started confronting people. James, who is a Blood Piru gang member himself, believes the rapper should have focused on his work.

“He had the gangsters that was gonna take care of that anyway,” The Sun quoted him as saying.

Interestingly, Snoop Dogg is known for being a Tupac admirer. He earlier called Tupac Shakur the “greatest rapper of all time,” when Tupac was officially included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Dogg gave an emotional tribute to his fellow rapper. He called Tupac a “revolutionary.”

Could Snoop Dogg prevent Tupac Shakur’s death?
Could Snoop Dogg prevent Tupac Shakur’s death? [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

On a lighter note, Dogg revealed that it was Tupac Shakur who introduced him to weed, NME reported. He also said that he went para-sailing with Shakur during a vacation in South America, soon after the latter went out of prison.

According to Faizon Love, Snoop Dogg could have saved Tupac Shakur.
According to Faizon Love, Snoop Dogg could have saved Tupac Shakur. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella]

Suge Knight claimed in 2010 that Pac and Snoop had hated each other. He remembered when Snoop did “Tha Doggfather.” Suge said Pac was not even on one song. Knight told MTV that the Death Row camp changed after people got jealous of Tupac Shakur.

“To me that was childish on their part, they could never fill Pac’s shoes or walk in his light.”

Even 20 years after Tupac Shakur’s death, the controversy around his assassination still remains. There are several conspiracy theories. His biopic, All Eyez on Me, was earlier released but failed to impress many critics. Things got even more controversial when it was revealed that an early version of the script apparently showed Tupac getting raped in prison.

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