Donald Trump’s ‘Little Rascals’ Video: That Time ‘The Donald’ Played The Dad Of A Little Rich Rascally Kid

With President Donald Trump in the Oval Office, people are finding out more interesting things about Trump each day that seem far removed from politics. According to Google Trends, interest surged recently over Donald Trump’s role in The Little Rascals. For those fans who remember the original series called The Little Rascals, that’s not the comedy wherein Trump appeared, although it wouldn’t be surprising for the 71-year-old Trump to have somehow miraculously pulled off a cameo appearance in the original Our Gang/Little Rascals series that ran from 1922 to 1944, before Trump was born in 1946.

No, Trump appeared in the quick cameo video seen below from The Little Rascals movie in 1994, according to IMDB, with Donald J. Trump listed as “Waldo’s Dad (as Donald Trump),” wherein Trump obviously played himself. Around 48 years of age at the time, Trump can be seen quickly in The Little Rascals movie cameo, speaking on a flip cellphone to a kid named Waldo, who is engaged in a race. Waldo, meanwhile, was played by Blake McIver Ewing. As reported by the Huffington Post, it is telling that Trump’s son in The Little Rascals movie is a conceited rich kid who tries to steal Darla’s heart from Alfalfa.

Trump goes on to have a conversation with The Little Rascals version of his son, with the little rascally rich kid bragging about how he planned to win a race he’d go on to lose in The Little Rascals.

Waldo: “Hi Dad, it’s me. You’re gonna be so proud of me. I’m gonna win this race.”

Trump: “Waldo, you’re the best son money can buy.”

In reality, the same year “The Donald” starred in a brief appearance in The Little Rascals movie, Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump were spotted peering over the crowd at the U.S. Open. As seen in the above photo, a young Ivanka and her dad watched Andre Agassi and Thomas Muster battle it out on the court on Wednesday, September 7, 1994, in New York.

Trump with Marla Maples in 1994 [Image by Getty Images]

That same year, Trump could be spotted doing plenty of other things, as witnessed by a search of photos from 1994 in the Getty Images gallery with the Trump named attached.


As seen in the below video, titled “Every Single Donald Trump TV and Movie Cameo Ever,” Trump appeared in plenty of other movies and TV shows besides The Little Rascals, and Trump often played himself, making sure to have the Trump named mentioned.

[Featured Image by Roh Frehm/AP Images]