‘Teen Mom OG’ Maci Bookout Fears Ryan Edwards’ Drug Issues Are Far From Over Even After His Rehab Stint

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout is reportedly worried her ex-fiance Ryan Edwards’ drug issues will resurface soon even if he has recently claimed to have completed his rehab stint a little over a month ago.

A source told Hollywood Life that Bookout is worried that Edwards will go into relapse and become drug-dependent again. While there’s no immediate probable cause to believe that this will be the case, Bookout’s words have a lot of weight simply because she’s one of the few people who can rightfully claim to have really known Edwards.

“Maci is terrified that Ryan is going to relapse again,” the source said. “She really cannot go through that hell again. Yes, he went to rehab and he got sober, but she’s worried that he’s not keeping up with his meetings and she’s really scared he’s going to start spiraling again. They may not be together anymore, and both have moved on, but they still share a kid together, so Maci is obviously concerned that Ryan stays sober, for Bentley’s sake and his.”

Perhaps one can’t fault Maci Bookout for getting worried that Ryan Edwards’ drug issues would come to the fore again. In the June 26 season finale of Teen Mom OG, Ryan Edwards was seen nodding off behind the wheel while driving himself and his fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer, to their impromptu wedding on May 15. If Mackenzie hadn’t grabbed the wheel to regain control of the car’s course, the pair would have spent the next few days at the hospital. Before long, the intense episode saw Standifer accusing Edwards of using Xanax just before she decided to turn off the cameras.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ryan Edwards has checked himself into a rehab facility for drug addiction on May 15 following their wedding. He also issued a statement to US Weekly saying that he has completed his rehab stint and is doing much better.

“A little over 30 days ago, I made the decision to check myself into a rehabilitation facility,” he told Us Weeklyin a statement on Monday, June 26. “I am back home now doing well, and life could not be better. Without the support of my wife and parents I would not have been able to do this. Thank you all for your well wishes.”

It’s not in the least surprising that Maci Bookout remains dubious about Ryan Edwards’ claim to sobriety owing to the many “red flags” she said she had ignored during their “toxic” relationship. As per US Weekly’s report, Maci tried her utmost to save the relationship for the sake of their son Bentley, but they eventually decided that it’s best for the both of them — most of all Bentley — to go their separate ways.


Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have maintained a co-parenting relationship even after their split in 2010. That relationship, however, hasn’t been smooth-sailing owing to Ryan’s struggles with drug addiction. In Teen Mom OG’s penultimate episode, Bookout was seen seeking the help of a counselor asking for advice on how she can confront Edwards about his drug issues and convince him to go into rehab.

Bookout is now happily married to Taylor McKinney, with whom she shares two children — two-year-old Jayde and 12-month-old Maverick.

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