Manny Pacquiao’s ‘Disinterested Press Conference’ Performance Lands Him Title Of ‘World Champion Texter’

Manny Pacquiao seems to have paid more attention to his mobile phone during Wednesday’s official press conference at Suncorp Stadium for his fight with Australia’s Jeff Horn. His mobile phone antics struck Horn as the Filipino boxing great not really taking Sunday’s Battle of Brisbane seriously enough.

According to Fox Sports, Pacquiao spent most of his time looking largely disinterested in the formalities around him and paid more attention playing with his phone. Horn’s promoter and Duco Events boss Dean Lonergan, called the legendary boxer out by teasing Pacquiao as not only being an 11-time world champion boxer, but a “world champion texter” as well.

“I’ve attended four press conferences with Manny, he never gets off his bloody phone,” Lonergan said. “I hope you take the phone into the ring and [it’ll] be game over.”

Horn said he couldn’t imagine Pacquiao acting this way had he been at a Floyd Mayweather press conference, adding that it definitely shows a bit of a “he doesn’t care” attitude to their match on Sunday.

“Maybe we’ll see he hasn’t put in all the hard work they say he has,” the 29-year-old boxer from Queensland said.

While Pacquiao later explained that he was merely preparing notes for what he would say to reporters, Horn was having none of it.

“I don’t know if it’s arrogance; I’m just used to that now. It gave me a laugh when Dean called him out on it, it was hilarious. His face… he didn’t know what to do.”

Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddy Roach said that no one was taking Sunday’s bout lightly, saying that this has been one of the best training camps they’ve had. Roach predicted, though, that the fight will be “short and sweet” and the 50,000 strong crowd would be cheering for Pacquiao at the end of the fight.

Manny Pacquiao got the title "World Texting Champion" during Battle of Brisbane press conference on Wednesday.
[Image Chris Hyde/Getty Images]

Roach went so far as wishing Horn good luck, as “Manny won’t need it.”

“He’s a very good puncher, big strong kid. He’s fighting for the world title, the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m sure he’s going to bring it, we’re going to bring it also.”

Manny Pacquiao's coach, Freddy Roach predicts Sunday's bout to be "short and sweet."
Freddy Roach predicts Sunday's bout to be "short and sweet." [Image by Chris Hyde/Getty Images]

Pacquiao’s camp is looking forward to his first knockout in eight years, expecting it on Sunday’s bout. On the other hand, Horn, unbeaten in his 17 professional fights welcomes this idea, albeit surprised at his opponent’s declaration.

“If he’s looking for a knockout, it always makes you vulnerable. If you look for a knockout it usually doesn’t come and you leave lots of openings. They’re sending a lot of mixed messages,” the Queenslander said.

Pacquiao’s current standing is at 38 knockout victories from his first 47 professional fights. However, he hasn’t managed a KO since a 12th-round stoppage in 2009 against Miguel Cotto.

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