‘Little People, Big World’ Season Finale Recap: Baby Jackson Arrives, Matt And Amy Reunite As Grandparents

Little People, Big World ends its twelfth season by welcoming the newest Roloff family member, Zach and Tori’s adorable boy, Jackson. Tuesday’s two-hour special followed the Roloffs a few days before Tori’s delivery to the exact moment baby Jackson was born.

The episode began with Zach and Tori anticipating their due date, which was literally a few days away. Tori opened up that she’s feeling a mixture of both anxiety and impatience.

“Tori’s just over being pregnant,” Zach explained.

“She’s over the heartburn. She can’t sleep, can’t get comfortable. We’re both ready to just do this.”

At this point, Zach and Tori already knew that baby Jackson was going to be a little person, and Tori can’t help but feel a little scared. She recounted a terrifying experience when she witnessed a kid with achondroplasia suffering from a complication. Zach, having been born with achondroplasia himself and having two dwarf parents, was calmer.

Meanwhile, Matt and Amy Roloff also had their own issues to discuss before the baby’s arrival. Although they still live on the same property, Matt and Amy’s relationship has been strained since their divorce. But now, they decided it’s time to put their differences aside so they can be the coolest grandparents for baby Jackson.

The ex-husband and wife remembered all the fun times they had at the Roloff Farms raising their four kids together. It was definitely a treat for Little People, Big World fans seeing Matt and Amy act friendly towards each other again.

Finally, it was time for the big day. Zach and Tori headed out to the hospital looking flustered and excited at the same time. They’ve previously scheduled a C-section despite Tori’s fears because baby Jackson’s head was too big.

“In less than two hours, this kid’s gonna be in our hands. Holy s***t, in less than two hours this kid’s gonna be in our hands!”


At the hospital, Tori was obviously nervous but Zach stayed with her throughout. LPBW matriarch and excited grandma Amy Roloff arrived to give her support.

“The next time I see you, you’re gonna be mom and dad,” Amy told them as Tori was wheeled inside the delivery room.

Jackson Kyle Roloff, or Baby J as he’s fondly called, was finally born on May 12 at exactly 8:00 a.m., weighing nine pounds, one ounce. Zach, Tori, and baby Jackson shared an emotional first meeting. The first time Tori held her newborn son, all her fears instantly vanished.

“I think he’s gonna be an easy one to love.”

Little People, Big World fans also got to see the first time the Roloff family all met Baby J. Even Jeremy and Audrey, who back then were still living in Bend, drove three hours to get to the hospital.

“It is just remarkable being in a room with my twin brother’s son,” Jeremy said in a confessional.

“It’s a bizarre circle of life. And it’s hard not to smile. This is awesome.”

As for Amy, baby Jackson’s arrival was a way to get the family reunited. She was happy to put their issues aside to welcome the family’s first grandson with love.

“It was really nice that we all came together and say, Zach and Tori, your baby’s loved already. It was loved before it was born, it’s loved right now, it’s going to continue being loved.”


Little People, Big World will return in September for a brand-new season. Fans can expect more feel-good family moments as the Roloff family expand their brood. This August, Jeremy and Audrey will welcome their baby girl, and their sister Molly Roloff is getting married.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]