‘Alone’ Recap Of S4E2: Another Team Taps Out On The Second Day [Spoilers]

A week hasn’t even gone by on the new season of Alone, and so far two teams have tapped out. The rules state that if one team member decides to leave, then both must go. Some fans of the show have voiced their displeasure with this rule, stating that if one team member taps out then the remaining participant should at least be given the choice to leave or to stay on the island by themselves. Perhaps what has been most surprising is that not one of the teammates who were hiking through the brutal terrain to reach their partners tapped out. Those who were tasked with setting up a campsite were the ones who threw in the towel and decided it was time to leave.

TV Series Finale asked if having family members team up on the challenge would help or hurt their chances, and so far it doesn’t seem to have made any major difference at all. Of course, the teams are still separated and once they are reunited, that outcome may change. Having a teammate to consider when deciding to tap out or not doesn’t seem to be a deterrent at this time, however. Later, it may help when the pairs can talk each other out of leaving when the situation they find themselves in gets even tougher to deal with on a day-to-day basis.


On the first episode of Season 4 titled “Divide and Conquer,” 19-year-old Josh Richardson decided to tap out after falling and suffering an ankle injury. He didn’t believe he would be able to set up a base camp and procure food in his current condition. Since his brother, 23-year-old Brad, was still miles away and had settled in for the night, the Alone crew had to locate and extract him.

On last week’s episode aptly titled ” Hell on Earth,” 48-year-old Alex Ribar is whisked away by helicopter on the second day to the location where his son is waiting for him. Logan, 19, tells his father that he thought it would be easier and stated that “This place hit me pretty hard.” Alex states that he believes his son wasn’t mentally prepared, and was thoroughly demoralized by the experience. He would have liked to continue the challenge, but since he is part of a team, that wasn’t an option.


Brody Wilkes, one of this season’s participants on Alone, told the Hattiesburg American that he was surprised to see the non-hikers make the call to tap out. “I felt that all of the teams were very strong and really didn’t expect any of the teams to leave early,” he said. “So it was a surprise to find out that any had already left at that point.”

Toward the end of last week’s episode on Day 5 of Alone, 31-year-old Jesse Bosdell has been pushing hard and is only a mile away from his brother. He calls out but gets no response, which leads him to believe he has a few more miles to go, or that his brother may not be able to hear him if he’s near the coast. Meanwhile, 44-year-old Shannon believes he hears something and shouts back, but after getting no response shrugs it off and continues turning a plastic basket he found into a working crab trap. When Shannon takes a nasty fall, he is obviously in severe pain and it may be something he can’t recover from without some type of medical intervention.

Hopefully, no one will be forced to tap out on the next episode of Alone titled “Margin of Error.” Shannon will undoubtedly have to decide if he can continue, but his brother is close by and may be able to offer him some vital assistance if they can reunite in time. Predators become more of a threat to the island’s newest residents, and it isn’t unheard of for people to tap out when predators get too close for comfort.

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