‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Did Someone Already Get Evicted From ‘BB19’ House?

Big Brother 19 spoilers are starting to indicate that a houseguest was already evicted. The BB19 cast entered the house last week, getting the game started a bit early so that producers could gather footage for the CBS program. Now there is a lot of chatter on social media that one of the houseguests may have already been sent packing. A post on Twitter from fan site Hamsterwatch furthers those Big Brother 19 rumors, though they also state that there has been no confirmation either way from production.

If the prior Big Brother 19 rumors are true and the “hamsters” have already been playing the game for nearly six days, then that would provide a lot of time for the first Eviction Ceremony to take place. This also wouldn’t be the first time that a houseguest got evicted before the first episode aired on television. Just last season, Glenn Garcia failed miserably in the first Head of Household competition and ended up becoming the first member of the Big Brother 18 cast to be evicted. That all took place over the weekend before the season premiere.

Could these latest Big Brother 19 spoilers be accurate? It would certainly be a way for producers to raise the stakes for that first BB19 house competition, giving an added incentive for nobody to “throw” it. That was a problem with the BB18 cast, as players like James Huling would routinely lose on purpose in an effort to manipulate the results of the game. Having an early HOH Competition and Eviction Ceremony would also allow producers to take full advantage of the “Temptation” theme of summer 2017.

The 2017 Big Brother season premiere is on Wednesday night (June 28), meaning it is less than 24 hours from taking place. A lot could have already taken place in the BB19 house, not just limited to the entrance hosted by Julie Chen. There were several Big Brother 19 rumors about an endurance competition to start out the season, with an important choice awaiting the winner of that event. That would certainly have given the show enough footage to put together the first two episodes this season.

The June 28 season premiere is a two-hour event, followed by another episode at 9 p.m. PT/ET on Thursday night (June 29). Once that Thursday episode has been seen on the west coast, the CBS live feeds will get turned on, revealing what has taken place in the BB19 house following the footage on the two episodes. There is the potential that quite a few additional Big Brother 19 spoilers could hit social media shortly after the live feeds come on, especially if the second Head of Household Competition has already been played.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]