‘The Division’ 1.7 Update Includes Over 500 Commendations, New Cosmetic Patches To Earn

When the 1.7 update for Tom Clancy’s The Division launches, players will find a completely redesigned feat system. Feats will instead be Commendations after the patch with new categories and rewards. This improved achievement system offers new challenges to players in both PvE and PvP aspects of the game. Completing certain Commendations will even reward players with new patches to place on their clothes.

Commendations in The Division are divided into three categories including Challenge, Checklist, and Statistical. In the Challenge section, players will be tasked with completing activities at higher levels of difficulty. The Checklist selection simply directs players to complete activities within certain groupings. Finally, the Statistical branch honors reaching certain levels with the different values in the game. When the 1.7 update becomes available, over 500 Commendations will be ready to earn according to the game’s official website.

Like most achievement systems, each Commendation has a score related to it. As players complete Commendations, their overall Commendation Score increases. This score can be viewed by the player or others within the UI of The Division. Players can also show off their accomplishments with Patches that are unlocked through the Commendations system. These Patches replace the phoenix patch always present on clothes in the game.

Commendations system in The Division lets players show off their achievements
Commendations will have players exploring New York all over again [Image by Ubisoft]

Many Commendations will be retroactive since the new system is replacing feats. Experienced Agents will find that they have several Commendations already unlocked when the update releases. However, others will have to be earned if the game did not track those types of accomplishments before the 1.7 update. As noted in a recent state of the game address, and detailed on Reddit, Commendations include killing a certain number of enemies or closing various car doors.

Other Commendations include completing a mission on legendary difficulty without dying or even going down. Specific Commendations for Incursions and ones for The Division DLC are also planned. Commendation Score is shared across a player’s account, and some are even connected to platform achievements.

The Division Underground DLC will have Commendations after the update
Commendations for DLC are also included in update 1.7 [Image by Ubisoft]

Patch 1.7 for the RPG shooter will also add new Classified Gear sets and Global Events. As the Inquisitr reported, Classified Gear sets extend existing gear sets with improved stats and new five- and six-piece set bonuses. Players can first earn these new sets during week-long Global Events in The Division, and the new sets will be added to the normal loot pools after the event is over.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft, PlayStation Blog]