Huge Match Happening Tonight On ‘SmackDown Live’ For Just The Second Time In History

After making history just one week ago with the women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, WWE is going to have the second one ever tonight on SmackDown Live. For some reason, the match was given one of the worst endings imaginable when James Ellsworth climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase for his girlfriend Carmella. Now, there will be a rematch with things being done the way they should be and the match being settled between the five superstars.

When the five women stepped into the ring at Money In The Bank, they made history with a match that was the first of its kind. Things were going extremely well with a really good match that saw all five of the superstars have a close shot at grabbing the briefcase and earning a shot at the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Then, James Ellsworth stepped in and ruined the entire thing.

After addressing the situation on SmackDown Live last week, General Manager Daniel Bryan ordered another women’s MITB match to take place on this week’s show. The briefcase will be raised high above the mat and the first one to grab it will become “Miss Money In The Bank.”

wwe news money in the bank women's ladder match smackdown live
[Image by WWE]

The official website of WWE released the preview for this big match and it will have the same five competitors going after the briefcase — Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Natalya, and Tamina Snuka. One of them will officially own the briefcase after this evening and it will be theirs for a year or until they decide to cash it in.

Obviously, Carmella doesn’t find this overly fair, but Bryan’s decision was final.

It will be interesting to see if James Ellsworth is allowed anywhere near the ring on SmackDown Live tonight. After his interference ruined the first women’s MITB ladder match, it is doubtful that he will be allowed to get involved in this one at all.

wwe news money in the bank women's ladder match smackdown live
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As things currently stand, Naomi is the SmackDown Women’s Champion, but she will also have a rematch from Money In The Bank tonight. She is taking on Lana once again and the dancing Russian is hoping for a much better outcome in her second career singles match on WWE’s main roster.

For just the second time in history, WWE will present a women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the world to enjoy. Carmella believes she is still the rightful owner of the briefcase, but Daniel Bryan has put his foot down and stripped it from her hands. Now, she will have to overcome Natalya, Charlotte Flair, Tamina Snuka, and Becky Lynch once more on SmackDown Live if she wants to get it back.

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