Mimi Faust’s Breast Implants Bring ‘Botched’ Comparisons: ‘Double Bubble’ Or Capsular Contracture Side Effects

Mimi Faust has come a long way over the years as one of the stars of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. And Twitter comes alive with every episode of the reality TV show, especially when Mimi appears in her confessional sessions, wherein stars of the show like Faust speak directly to the camera to talk about their feelings about the latest storyline. Plenty of the social media talk lately has surrounded Mimi’s breast implants, and lots of those folks believe Faust needs to take a trip to the plastic surgeons on Botched to get her breast implants fixed.

As reported by VH1, Mimi went public after she got the breast implants as part of Faust’s reward of “mommy makeover” surgery. Mimi breastfed her daughter for three years because Faust said that her daughter refused to eat baby food and only wanted her mother’s breast milk. When Mimi was finally finished with breastfeeding, she treated herself to breast implants. However, Mimi might be one of the many women getting their breast implants removed and joining the “explant” movement, as reported by the Inquisitr. That is, if Mimi listens to any of the tweets being published on Twitter in regard to her breast implants.

Mimi Faust's Breast Implants Bring 'Botched' Comparisons: 'Double Bubble' Or Capsular Contracture Side Effects
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As seen on Twitter, a search for “Mimi implant” results in plenty of tweets from people who believe that Faust’s right breast implant is having problems. For most of the confessional sessions, Mimi wears outfits that are so low-cut and wide open that viewers get an expansive view of Faust’s breast implants, and many viewers have noticed that the bottom of Mimi’s right breast implant appears problematic. With so many reality TV shows depicting complications that can arise from breast implant surgeries, viewers have learned about problems like capsular contracture — a breast implant complication that causes scar tissue surrounding the breast implant to contract and become hardened — or other side effects like “double bubble” breasts.

As such, viewers have taken to Twitter with comments like those seen below, which seem to be an attempt to diagnose Mimi’s breast implant problems. Whether Faust takes heed and has her breast implants fixed remains to be seen.

“I can’t get over Mimi’s double bubble implant Dr. Dubrow help this woman

“You can see Mimi’s implant. It’s been bothering me all season.”

“Mimi left boob/implant doesn’t have a deep enough pocket. The implant is bulging and it’s KILLING ME.”

“I just wanna shift Mimi’s right implant .”

“I’m sick of looking at Mimi slipped implant .”

“Bruh MiMi boob is literally slipping. Like her implant is falling out.”

“Mimi’s implant looks like it’s slipping out! Our left, her right! Look at her interview again

“Can anyone else see the implant line on MiMi’s boobs?!!!!”

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