Camilla Parker Bowles’ Biography Exposes Diana’s Affairs, Paranoia & Jealousy Over Charles

A biography of Camilla Parker Bowles that will shed some light into Diana and Charles’ relationship will be released next month. The said biography of the 69-year-old Duchess of Cornwall will expose Diana’s affairs, paranoia, and jealousy.

Author Penny Junor will be releasing a biography of Camilla Parker Bowles, which is believed to expose a lot of things behind the infamous love triangle between Camilla, Diana, and Charles. NZ Herald recounts that the biography begins with the end of Charles and Camilla’s affair after the Prince of Wales was set to marry 19-year-old Diana.

Camilla and Diana were reportedly fond of each other when they first met each other. However, Charles committed a grave mistake of introducing Camilla as a friend only to confess to Diana later on that they shared an intimate relationship.

This is reportedly what sparked Diana’s obsession, paranoia, and jealousy over Charles and Camilla’s relationship. Even though Camilla kept her distance from Charles because she knew how painful it was to have an unfaithful husband, Diana would still feel paranoid when Charles is meeting or talking to someone else.

The following months following Charles’ confession have also led to radical changes in Diana; the Princess of Wales has reportedly become moody and exhibited temper tantrums, even going as far as becoming suspicious of Charles’ conversations with the Queen. While earlier reports claim that Charles’ comments about Diana’s weight contributed to her bulimia, the biography claims that stress, fame, and a change in lifestyle may have taken a toll on Diana.

Prince Charles together with Princess Diana
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Then came Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981. Diana allegedly wanted to cancel the wedding because she was having doubts about Charles, especially when she found out that the Prince of Wales was meeting Camilla before their wedding, but her sisters convinced her to go through with it. Even Charles had doubts about Diana, which might explain the painful looks on their faces during their wedding.

Charles and Diana didn’t have a wonderful honeymoon, either. Diana resented Charles for painting or reading during their honeymoon so much that she had reportedly destroyed all of his paintings.

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Diana’s paranoia over Camilla became even more intense when she found a photo of Camilla in his diary and when Charles wore cufflinks bearing the initials of Camilla. Charles and Diana’s marriage has become so toxic that they couldn’t even bear to see each other and this is already sucking the life out from them, as evidenced by a statement from one of Charles’ letters.

“I am beginning to experience that kind of confusion and rundown of confidence which makes me feel temporarily miserable.”

Charles’ friends – Emilie, Hugh van Cutsem and Lady Susan Hussey, have reportedly become increasingly concerned over his mental health, as he has frequently become angry and moody. They knew that there can only be one person who could talk to him and calm him down – Camilla.

It was at that moment that Camilla decided to reach out to Charles, but she had no intention of rekindling her romance with the Prince of Wales. As time went on, the phone calls between Charles and Camilla became more frequent, which eventually led to Charles and Camilla’s affair. The biography, however, claims that Charles and Camilla’s affair began when the Prince and Princess of Wales’ marriage was beyond repair and Diana was already having an affair of her own.

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