‘Real Housewives’ Ex Jason Hoppy Is Facing More Charges After Asking Judge To Toss Skinnygirl Case

Real Housewives ex-husband Jason Hoppy was already facing legal trouble, but now additional charges have been added to the case. Prosecutors in the case have added additional stalking charges in the case against Jason Hoppy, whose divorce from RHONY Bethenny Frankel became final last summer, just as Hoppy was asking the judge in the case to dismiss all of the charges. After viewing the new barrage of emails and text messages Hoppy allegedly sent to Frankel, the judge has decided not to dismiss the case.

Fans thought that when the Real HousewivesHoppy-Frankel divorce was finalized, and the Skinnygirl profits were divvied up the level of ire would cool down, but things seemed to have gotten worse despite Hoppy’s big financial payday. The Skinnygirl brand is now fully under the control of Frankel who has had to deal with other Real Housewives-related liquor brand aggravation, including conflict with another RHONY star, Sonja Morgan, who is trying to launch her own brand she calls Tipsygirl. After Bethenny was made aware that Sonja was launching Prosecco with a name similar to Skinnygirl, she locked down a copyright that made it impossible for Sonja Morgan to pursue Tipsygirl in Manhattan, so instead, she decided to sell her bubbly in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Real Housewives’ Jason Hoppy was already facing three charges of stalking and harassment charges, but prosecutors have added another two after the 160 “creepy” texts and emails have been put on the court record. Hoppy was also heard screaming “I will destroy you!” outside their daughter Bryn’s school. Another threatening text allegedly sent by Jason Hoppy to Bethenny Frankel was added to the complaint today.

“We could have a much different relationship but you’re unwilling to shut your mouth about me and my daughter [a]nd refuse to cooperate. Ball[‘]s in your court to change it. I’m happy to meet for to discuss. And you know you’re the problem. But if not I wil[l] proceed as I see fit.”

That text was sent to Frankel after she asked Hoppy to leave her alone. After their divorce was finalized despite Hoppy’s desire to drag it on, the volume of texts and emails were said to increase.

“Love how you [s]peak in the phone. You really have problems. Have a great weekend. She (6-year-old daughter Bryn) loves me so much. It’s amazing the love a daughter has for her father and visa versa.”

The judge in the Real Housewives case, Judge Phyllis Chu, extended an order of protection to RHONY Bethenny Frankel and told Jason Hoppy to stay away from Frankel and daughter Bryn when she is with Bethenny.

“Mr. Hoppy, I am extending your protection to Bethenny Frankel,” Chu said.

“That means you have to stay away from her and [refrain] from making outreach to her. Do you understand?”

Hoppy said that he understood, but he turned down a plea deal and continues to ask that the stalking charges be vacated.


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But transcripts documenting the alleged correspondence from Jason Hoppy to Bethenny make it sound as if Hoppy is not going to give up, and Frankel says that the tenor and volume of scary messages are causing her to fear for her own safety. Hoppy has put in writing that Frankel leaves him no choice, and he will do what he has to do to get through to her.

Hoppy told the Real Housewives star that she has been warned.

“Okay, I see. This is how you want to do this. Okay. You can play your game. It doesn’t matter. You can get 10 lawyers. There’s nothing you can do to stop me. You’ll be sorry. You’ve been warned. I can’t help it. She’s pure evil. You’ve been warned. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

On recent episodes of RHONY, Bethenny Frankel has expressed that she feels hopeless, and despite making a financial deal, she continues to be tortured emotionally.

Do you think Real Housewives’ Jason Hoppy is going to be found guilty and do time behind bars for allegedly harassing ex Bethenny?

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