Woman Finds Out She Had The Wrong Wedding Dress 26 Years Later

Woman given wrong wedding dress

Brentwood, TN — A Tennessee woman recently found out she had been holding on to the wrong wedding dress for 26 years.

Kim Jones had her dress stored under her bed, wrapped in layers of cardboard boxes, plastic, and cellophane. She took it out after her daughter begged her to see it. When Jones took the dress out of its box, she and her daughter began to take photos of the moment. But Emily Jones quickly realized something was wrong with the dress.

“Mama, I didn’t know your wedding dress had (long) sleeves,” the college freshman said.

“It doesn’t,” her mother replied. But the dress her daughter was holding clearly had sleeves.

The dress that Jones had been storing for more than a quarter of a century was not hers.

“We screamed in horror and just about died,” Jones said.

The mixup occurred shortly after Jones’ wedding, where her mother took the dress to White Way Cleaners in Brentwood to be cleaned and preserved. The family was told that taking the dress out of the bags and boxes could lead to deterioration and fading.

The boxes had clear, heart-shaped windows so viewers would be able to see the contents inside. Jones’ dress and the one that she had been given had similar beading, which is why she never suspected that something was wrong.

Now the family is trying to find the original dress, but there are few clues available to track it down. The outer box the dress was stored in had two tracking numbers that matched Jones’ original ticket, but the inner box had a tracking number that was one number off from the other two. The original cleaners is, unfortunately for the family, out of business.

Kim Jones believes there is another mother out there looking for her wedding dress to show her daughter.

Emily Jones hopes to find the dress because she wants to wear it in her own wedding.

“As the only girl in the family, this is the one thing that my mother had for me,” Jones said. “She took the time to keep it and preserve it. And to find out that it wasn’t hers after all these years was very disappointing.”