Amanda Seyfried Makes First Post-Pregnancy Appearance And Talks Fashion And Beauty After Motherhood

Amanda Seyfried has just joined the exclusive working moms community in Hollywood, and, like many celebrity mothers, Amanda has taken efforts to keep her new baby out of the public eye. Even an Instagram post of Seyfried walking her 3-month-old daughter with another mother and baby isn’t enough to feed fan interest in the newest family member, so Amanda tries to allay interest with talk of her changed outlook on beauty and fashion since being blessed as a first-time mother.

Amanda Seyfried Shares A Picture Of The New Baby…Sort Of

To say Amanda Seyfried and her husband, Thomas Sadoski, have kept things private since having their first baby together may be a bit of an understatement. As The Stir reports, Seyfried and Sadoski have kept their baby out of the public eye and have even chosen not to share the child’s name with their fans.

That devotion to living as private a life as they can may be the reason fans were excited to learn that Amanda shared a picture of herself walking her new daughter with a friend, yet those same fans were in for a big disappointment.

The picture shows Ms. Seyfried and a friend walking their strollers away from the camera, enjoying the sunny summer day. While Amanda’s daughter is technically in the picture, she can’t be seen.

“Babycation with my OGs,” Ms. Seyfried captioned the image.

Babycation with my OGs

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Mama Mia Star Amanda Seyfried Has A New Outlook On Beauty And Fashion

Life has gotten busy for Amanda Seyfried since adding her daughter to the family. Speaking with The New Paper, Ms. Seyfried, who has several new films planned, including Mama Mia: Here We Go Again!, revealed that her more hectic lifestyle has changed the way she looks at fashion and beauty. She still takes care of herself, but she says she’s “less obsessive” about it, preferring to focus more on taking care of her family, pursuing her career, and serving as a brand ambassador for Cle De Peau.

Seyfried reveals that she really does use Cle De Peau products at home, so her position as the company’s spokesmodel comes from the heart. The Mama Mia actress says she regularly uses La Creme and it has done wonders in eliminating the dryness from her skin.

“It gave me structure and made me understand that it is important to take care of myself,” Amanda says of becoming the new face for Cle De Peau. “And that through taking care of my skin, it makes me feel cleaner and better inside out and outside in.”

As far as her fashion sense goes, Ms. Seyfried revealed that she prefers to live simply. T-shirts and jeans are what drives Amanda, though she likes to add a cashmere sweater for when the weather cools down. The Mama Mia actress also likes yoga pants, though she doesn’t like the trend for dressing them up.

Instead, Amanda likes to add her own personal touch in styling her own yoga pants.

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