South Carolina Parents And Hospital Shocked By 14-Pound Newborn

South Carolina parents Cindy Richmond and Arthur Keisler — and the entire hospital staff — were shocked when newborn Colin Austin Keisler was born. Baby Colin weighed in at a whopping 14 pounds, according to ABC News.

“I make ’em big,” the proud South Carolina father bragged to ABC News.

“The room completely changed as soon as they got him out. The doctor said, ‘Whoa, this is a big baby.’ You could hear the other nurses in the room trying to guess how big he was. They said, ‘We need to weigh him right now.’ They pulled the scale into the operating room and the room erupted into like, ‘Oh, my God, this is the craziest thing ever.'”

According to Dr. Jaime Brown-Price, the birth of baby Colin was record-breaking, as he was the largest newborn Brown-Price had ever delivered at the Lexington Medical Center. Donna Hilton, a nurse present during the delivery, agreed with Dr. Jaime. In fact, Donna has been an OB nurse for nearly three decades and has never seen a 14-pound newborn before.

This isn’t the first child Cindy Richmond has given birth to, but it certainly is the biggest. Cindy has given birth to two other children who were both considered to be average weight. Her oldest, Carson, was seven pounds, six ounces when he was born, and her daughter Samantha was nine pounds, eight ounces. Cindy Richmond claimed to be tickled by the reactions everyone in the delivery room had to the shocking size of her newborn.

A doctor examines a woman's baby bump
14-pound newborn shocks parents [Image by kosmos111/Shutterstock]

Baby Colin’s grandparents had to make a special trip to the hospital with a large set of clothing for the newborn to wear home as the newborn clothing Cindy had packed was too small. Arthur Keisler also revealed spending some time in the gift shop in a haze as his wife had given birth to a newborn that was the size of a typical 4- to 5-month-old. He knew he needed to find a cute outfit his newborn could actually fit into. Fortunately, the South Carolina were well-prepared for the birth of their newborn.

“My wife’s parents came for a visit and we ended up getting them to stop by the house to get him some clothes he could actually fit into. We were prepared at home with clothes from birth to 12 months, so we were prepared for the long term, but not for the hospital term.”

According to ABC News, the South Carolina parents are just happy their newborn is a happy and healthy baby – regardless of his shocking size. The excited father admits to already daydreaming about his son’s future as an all-star athlete given his unusually large size.

“A lot of people immediately think football when they learn how big he is, but I’m a big baseball fan so I’d love him to play baseball.”

According to Guinness World Records, this South Carolina newborn is far from the largest newborn to be born in the United States. In fact, the largest newborn born in the United States was believed to be born in 1879 in Ohio. The baby was measured to be 22 pounds and 28 inches. According to medical records, the baby was never given an official name. The newborn was simply referred to as “babe,” as he died 11 hours after being born.


According to HuffPost, some believe the biggest baby girl born in the world was born last year in India. A 19-year-old mother named Nandini gave birth to a 15-pound baby girl in May of last year.

Surprised baby pictured
Surprised baby [Image by ALIAKSEI SIDARENKA/Shutterstock]

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