John Cena Celebrating 15 Years In The WWE While Preparing For His Big Return

John Cena is celebrating a very special day today. It was 15 years ago today that Kurt Angle stood in the ring and challenged anyone who thought they could go toe-to-toe with the Olympic gold medalist to come out and give it a shot. Cena made his WWE debut at that moment and marched down to the ring to stand face-to-face with Angle.

John Cena meets Kurt Angle in the WWE

When Kurt Angle asked John Cena who he was and what he thought he brought to the ring to think he could challenge him, Cena ushered in a new generation. He said his name was John Cena, and he brought Ruthless Aggression to the WWE before going on the attack and giving Angle all he could handle.

John Cena wasn’t a star for a while after that. He started out in OVW, the developmental system that also produced Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin, Batista, and Randy Orton, but it didn’t take long after his arrival in the WWE to make a mark. He worked as a risque rap character and then came into his own as simply “John Cena.”

Since that time, John Cena has held 16 world titles, tying him with Nature Boy Ric Flair for the most all time. He also won the United States Championship five times and has granted more Make-A-Wish Foundation wishes than any single individual in history with over 500.

John Cena WWE Return

John Cena is not only celebrating the 15 years since he made his debut in the WWE, but he is also preparing for his WWE return next month. John Cena took to Twitter and said that he is counting down the days to his return to the WWE ring.

WWE News: John Cena Celebrates Huge Milestone Today
[Image by WWE]

John Cena noted that it is just one week until he makes his anticipated WWE return to Phoenix for the Fourth of July episode of SmackDown Live. He said that there is a lot to prepare for and a lot to celebrate, not the least of which is 15 years in the WWE. It was SmackDown where Cena made his WWE debut.

WWE News: John Cena Celebrates Huge Milestone Today
[Image by WWE]

However, the future of John Cena in the WWE might not be on SmackDown Live. The WWE is advertising Cena as a “free agent,” and the word is that he will get to work on both SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw, and there might be a chance that Raw will end up as his home.

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