‘Alaskan Bush People’ Are On The Move, A New Browntown Coming To The Lower 48?

Alaskan Bush People fans are anxious for news on the Brown family. As rumors of Ami’s health issues swirl, there is speculation over her diagnosis. Fans are expecting the stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis to be confirmed on the Discovery Channel reality TV show this season.

As Alaskan Bush People fans will recall, Matt Brown recently suffered an injury in a bizarre accident, when a refrigerator door was blown off and hit him in the head. He must have recovered well from the reported injury that required nine staples because he has been on the move lately.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Noah and fiancé Rhain. Noah had mentioned having her join the family as the newest member of the Wolf Pack. Of course, Ami’s illness has changed everything. There have been many rumors on the internet regarding an impending marriage of the two. First, it was said that Noah wanted his marriage to Rhain to be aired on Alaskan Bush People. While that wasn’t confirmed, it was a good rumor for fans to weigh in on. Some were very against it because Ami and Billy Brown didn’t seem to totally approve. The next rumor was that Noah and Rhain were in Dolores, Colorado, where they would be married.