IRS Lawsuit Phone Call Scam Threatens To Arrest Man — He Floods Scammers With 28 Calls Per Second [Video]

IRS scam phone calls are nothing new. As reported by the Inquisitr, people have been receiving scam calls claiming to be from the IRS since at least 2015 or earlier, with the scary-sounding calls threatening to arrest people and send them to jail if they don’t pay up immediately. The phone scam calls came to life when the Internal Revenue Service announced that it would begin using private debt collectors again to collect debts from tax delinquents. That meant that phone scammers took advantage of the news and pretended to be IRS agents attempting to collect debts.

The calls have gotten so prolific that the Internal Revenue Service reached out with information to help people getting scam calls from people pretending to be with the IRS. Whereas some people might fall for the IRS scam calls, or others recognize them as scams, one man found a way to get sweet revenge against the folks perpetrating IRS scam calls by flooding the scam call center with 28 calls per second.

As seen in the below video titled “Revenge on a IRS Phone Scamming Company – Call Flooder,” which has gained more than 1.3 million views as of this writing, a man received one of the scam IRS lawsuit phone calls and found a way to get revenge by flooding them with calls.

Warning: The following video contains offensive language as the IRS scammers begin cursing in frustration.

As reported by Bored Panda, the scammers chose the wrong man to call when they left a message for a Reddit user named YesItWasDataMined, and he decided to call the fake IRS scammers back. He loaded the results to his Project Mayhem YouTube account, and the rest is history.

The message proclaiming that he would be sued — and not only the subject of a massive lawsuit — but threatening that he’d be taken to jail — encouraged him to call the scammers and pretend as though he would give them his bank account information. However, the IRS notes that they will not demand credit or debit card numbers from people over the phone, nor threaten to bring the police to a person’s house.


Meanwhile, the above video is getting loads of views, as the video shows the voices of the scammers as they get very frustrated with the flood of calls that presented the IRS scammers with an automated message calling them scammers.


[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]