Ivanka Trump Reveals Whether She’ll Run For Office

Ivanka Trump didn’t impart what her future plans would be when she appeared in a 60 Minutes interview with the rest of the Trump family after her father was elected president in November. When she was directly asked if she’d follow her father into politics when he moves to Washington, D.C. Her husband, Jared Kushner, was already tapped to serve as Trump’s senior adviser, and she’d be in the political sphere by virtue of those two facts alone. Despite that, Ivanka said she was going to be “just a daughter” and have no participation in the political arena.

Fast forward a few months from that interview and she’s a fixture in the Oval Office with the nation wondering what exactly her job was. Eventually, she’d hold an unprecedented title as special assistant to the president, an unpaid position with the federal government.

On Monday, Ivanka Trump granted another interview with Fox and Friends to discuss some of her views and share how she and her father don’t always agree on all of the issues. A few weeks ago, she told the Fox News program that she wasn’t prepared for the level of “viciousness” and “ferocity” in criticism that her father’s administration has been under. She didn’t expect the barrage of insults to be so personal, but she isn’t deterred by them.

The Daily Mail recapped the Fox and Friends interview in which co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Ivanka Trump if running for office — or being on the ticket as vice president — was something she’d want to pursue.

“I don’t think politics is in my future,” Ivanka answered.

Interestingly, Ivanka made a shocking admission by saying, “I try to stay out of politics,” when she was asked her opinion about Trump’s controversial Twitter habits.

Ivanka Trump added that she’s “really not a very political person” and knows it “sounds like a strange thing to say.” Instead of viewing what she does as being a major part of politics, she professes to be an “idealist.”

“I care about the issues, and I care about solutions, and I actually try to avoid getting drawn into politics,” Ivanka continued. “I care more about the country than politics…so I don’t think politics is in my future.”

Ivanka said she leaves politics to “other people” and focuses on the issues she “cares deeply about.”

Throughout Trump’s presidential campaign, his supporters thought Ivanka Trump would be a great asset in the White House. Ivanka says she talks candidly with her father about the issues that need to be addressed to run the nation and said he listens to her. One major loss for Ivanka and Jared Kushner was when Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord, something they both urged him to not do.

Would you like to see Ivanka Trump run for office?

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]