‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis Is Now A Confident Father? Jenni Pulos Spills The Beans

Jeff Lewis may be known as the crazy developer and interior designer, who is roaming around Los Angeles looking for his next big project, but this reality star has a new impressive role on his resume. On the previous season of Flipping Out, Jeff learned that he was going to be a father, and he was excited and scared. Lewis revealed that he became a father in October of last year, and his baby girl is now close to a year old. So, when he learned that his friend, Jenni, was pregnant with her second child, he was excited, and when he met the new baby, he knew exactly how to hold and handle her. Now, Jenni Pulos is speaking out about Jeff Lewis and how he has grown after becoming a father.

According to a new Bravo report, Jeff Lewis proved that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to little babies. His co-worker and loyal friend, Jenni Pulos, recently gave birth to her second daughter, and when she introduced the baby to Jeff, he knew immediately what he should do. As it turns out, Jenni believes that he is quite the confident father, who knows how to handle babies after having had one himself.


“Jeff is a pro now, so he immediately held her with confidence,” Jenni has revealed to PEOPLE Magazine about Jeff, according to Bravo, revealing that their two baby girls will meet soon enough.

Of course, Jeff Lewis is now a proud father of little Monroe Christine Lewis, and he has been showing her off on Instagram. No word on whether she will play a big role on Flipping Out, but one can imagine that his whole life has changed since becoming a father. He has revealed that he had to change the way he works because she’s his top priority now. Apparently, Jenni has so much confidence in Lewis that she’s already encouraging him on having a second baby. As she explains, he would already know what he’s doing, so he is more than prepared.


What do you think of Jeff Lewis as a father? Do you think Jenni has a point about Jeff having more confidence as a father after becoming one himself?

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