iOS 11 Jailbreak: New Group Hacks Apple’s Latest OS In Just Three Weeks — When Is Public Release?

Apple is already working on its newest operating system, iOS 11. But even before its official release, a new hacking group has reportedly jailbroken it in record time. No, it was not Pangu or Todesco. Will the jailbreak tool be released to the public?

Liang Chen of Tencent Keen Lab demoed an iOS 11 jailbreak tool during the recent Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) 2017 in China. According to BGR, it only took three weeks for the hacking group to crack Apple’s latest OS. Keel Lab also showed a jailbreak tool for iOS 10.3.2.

While this news gives some sort of assurance that jailbreak teams can still get into Apple’s OS, JB tool fans could not expect much that the iOS 11 jailbreak would be released to the public anytime soon. For one, the OS is still in the early stages of development, and Apple will likely patch the security flaws before it officially releases the final version sometime in September.

There hasn’t been any stable jailbreak tool released to the public since the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak despite claims from some groups that they have jailbroken iOS 10 versions. This can be attributed to the frequent patches of Apple, one update after another. Once it rolled out the latest firmware, it stops supporting the older ones. Last week, Apple seeded iOS 10.3.3 beta to developers and stopped supporting 10.3.1.


Today, Apple released the first public beta of iOS 11 for everyone to download. According to TechCrunch, the tech giant plans to roll out a series of betas over the summer to iron things out and test its features before it finally releases iOS 11 in the fall. Users, however, are warned about the risk of installing a beta to their primary Apple devices as it may not always work. But if you’re up to it, it is always best to save a backup so you can downgrade to the previous version of the OS.


iOS 11 is expected to bring tons of improvements, big and small, for iPhone and iPad. On the iPad, users can now multitask with several apps, as well as drag and drop files. Meanwhile, there will be new tricks for the Photos app on iPhones and improvements to the Control Center and lock screen.

[Featured Image by Leon Neal/Getty Images]