Dolphins Teach Dogs How To Surf And Enjoy The Waves

Wolff Bachner

Earlier today we shared the wonderful story of the trio of SPCA dogs in New Zealand who are being taught to drive a car. Now thanks to The Inquisitr's reader, Russ Pulcher, who was kind enough to tell us about more amazing animal antics, we proudly bring you the adventures of our four legged friends, as they frolic in the ocean with some very friendly dolphins and even learn to surf.

You may also remember the adventures of Kira, the Black Lab from South Africa who regularly swims with dolphins and works with her human friend, Noleen Withers, as a dolphin spotter. The exuberant pup, who always swims with a life jacket, assists researchers and helps Noleen spot dolphins for tourists who come to the area to see the wonderful aquatic mammals in the wild. Watching Kira swim with patient, kindly dolphins is always an extra treat for the excited visitors.

Dolphins are known for their intelligence and they are thought to be man's remote ancestors. Scientists believe that unlike man who left the ocean's and moved to land during the evolution of our species, dolphins actually did the reverse and crawled back into the ocean from the land millions of years ago.

Lori Marino, a neuroscientist at Emory University who specializes in dolphin research, marveled at the talented marine mammals cognitive abilities.

"They understand concepts like zero, abstract concepts. They do everything that chimpanzees do and bonobos (Pygmy Chimpanzees) can do. The fact is that they are so different from us and so much like us at the same time."

Duke University researcher Brian Hare offered his own unique take on the intelligence of animals:

"Animal intelligence is not a linear thing,. Think of it like a toolbox. Some species have an amazing hammer. Some species have an amazing screwdriver."

Toolboxes aside, seeing the brave ocean going puppies frolic in the warm waves with their aquatic friends is a truly inspiring sight. The Inquisitr salutes the conservationists and animal researchers everywhere who work so hard to protect the diverse life forms that share this wonderful planet with the human race.

Dog Swims With Dolphin

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