‘American Horror Story’ Not Bringing Back Lady Gaga

Fans of American Horror Story, there is bad news today. Despite recent rumors to the contrary, Lady Gaga will not be returning for Season 7. Recently “leaked” information that indicated she would return seems to have been a misinformation campaign, not a new tactic for Ryan Murphy and others on the AHS team, who are known for liking to keep us guessing.

Lady Gaga quickly became a fan favorite after first appearing in American Horror Story Season 5 as the Countess. Viewers hoped for her return in Season 6, and their wish was granted. She played a role in Roanoke that gave her less time on screen but was pivotal to the plot. Alas, it seems that we will not get to see her when AHS returns to television screens this fall, but we can (and will) hope for future appearances.

Rumors have been circulating in recent days that Lady Gaga would be back this year. There was even a screenshot of what was being called an unpublished article in Vogue Magazine that confirmed her return. As happy news for fans of American Horror Story and the Lady herself, it was widely reported by many media outlets, including Inquisitr. As was suggested in that Inquisitr article, however, some suspected it could be another of the show’s misinformation campaigns. Unfortunately, it appears it was just that as Entertainment Weekly reported today that Gaga would not be returning after all.


The reason she won’t be returning this season? Lady Gaga is a very busy woman. Of late, her commitments include a role in the remake of A Star is Born and a concert tour. It seems she simply couldn’t find a way to fit AHS into her schedule.



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Lady Gaga’s absence from upcoming episodes of American Horror Story poses a question for the show in general. Many viewed her addition to the cast as a way to sort of fill the shoes of Jessica Lange, who was widely seen as the female lead of the show. With Gaga out, who will step into that role? Will there be a new addition to the cast, or will a familiar face step up and fill that gap? Knowing Ryan Murphy and AHS, we won’t know the answer to that question until Season 7 hits the screen.

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