WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins Talks Possible Shield Reunion, Dream Matches

Seth Rollins was the leader and self-proclaimed architect of The Shield when the group was running all over the roster in the WWE. Ever since Rollins turned on his partners, each member of The Shield has become a world champion and have only randomly worked together in the WWE.

In a recent interview with the Sun, Rollins talked about a possible Shield reunion in the WWE and who he would love to feud with if it happened.

Seth Rollins On A WWE Shield Reunion

When it comes to an actual Shield reunion with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose, Rollins said it could happen at some point and that you never really know. He said that when The Shield was at the top of the WWE, all three guys had the same goals. However, now they all have their own individual goals, so it isn’t the time.

With that in mind, Seth Rollins admitted that if the three men did have a singular goal again, you could never say never to a Shield reunion. As Seth said, there is always a chance the three of them will come back together again and slap “on a tac vest.”

The Shield Reunion WWE Dream Feud

As for who The Shield could fight, Seth Rollins had a big dream match and feud in mind, one that he believes could make some magic.

“A Club versus Shield rivalry interests me, for sure. Those are guys who have made a lot of success over the years in their own world. I think that would be a fantasy warfare. Those are all good gentlemen, hardworking guys. We’d have a blast in the ring, we could make some magic if it ever came down to it.”

Of course, the Club is more than just Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson — the two men who use the name right now in the WWE. The Club came to the WWE from New Japan Professional Wrestling, where a version still exists in its original form, The Bullet Club.

Seth Rollins Reveals #WWE Dream Match If There Is A Shield Reunion
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Not only are Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson former Bullet Club members, but so are AJ Styles and Finn Balor. While Balor is working hard as a face at the moment, the idea of Gallows and Anderson reteaming with AJ Styles and taking on a reunited Shield could me magical.

Seth Rollins Reveals #WWE Dream Match If There Is A Shield Reunion
[Image by WWE]

The WWE Legacy Of The Shield

During its time at the top of the WWE, The Shield beat most of the top tag teams in the company and many of its singles stars. However, they really shined at the end when the legendary group Evolution reteamed with Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton. The Shield beat them and made their name as the best trio in WWE history.

A Shield reunion in the WWE could allow them another chance to prove themselves — this time against one of the most dominant factions from New Japan — whether it is with AJ Styles or Finn Balor. Seth Rollins knows how big this could be and seems ready for this dream match if that day ever comes.

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