Jenelle Evans Calls Out People For Lack Of Originality Despite Copying Her Co-Stars

Jenelle Evans has been on Teen Mom 2 since the very beginning, and fans have watched as she’s tried to get custody of her son for many years. In an effort to do so, Jenelle has tried to stay clean in regards to drugs and alcohol, and she’s even settled with one man despite many tries. Her ex-boyfriends have been violent, abusive or cheaters. However, it sounds like she has found a good man in David Eason and the two just welcomed a baby girl in January. In addition to being a mother, Evans is trying to start her own business using the Teen Mom 2 platform.

Over the years, her co-stars have written books and launched websites. However, Jenelle never really seemed to do either of those things. She was too caught up in relationships to make something happen. But interestingly, these days Jenelle is catching up, and she seems to be doing everything her co-stars have been doing for years. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans reveals that she’s tired of people who are not producing original content. She’s referring to music in this particular instance, but it sounds like she’s tired of people not creating originality across all brands and types of entertainment.

“How are you going to make song and take someone’s old beat? Can’t stand the radio these days. #BeOriginal,” Jenelle tweeted, to which she got several replies.

“It’s called sampling. If they got the original artist permission it’s okay. But I know that there’s some out there who do it illegally,” one person pointed out to Evans, who replied with, “Yeah but even if they have permission… it’s not original. We need more originality in this world.”

Of course, this interaction is very interesting because Jenelle herself hasn’t been the big creator of originality. A few years back, Evans teased about doing a makeup line, which was a copy of Chelsea DeBoer, who had been educated in makeup and personal beauty. Evans just decided to do a makeup line without really having any experience with makeup on a professional level. Chelsea and Evans got into a heated argument about who was copying who.

In addition to that, Jenelle Evans has just written her first book, but she’s far from the first Teen Mom star to do so. However, she keeps preaching about how she wants originality in the world and yet, she keeps doing what has already been done. The only thing she could have been original with was the YouTube show she pitched last year after being tired of only sharing negative stories on Teen Mom 2.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans preaching about originality? Do you think she has a point?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]