Modi-Trump Hug: ‘Associated Press’ Creates Hug Photo Collage, Says Trump Should Have Expected 3 Hugs From Modi

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hugged President Donald Trump in at least three big bear hugs, as reported by the Inquisitr, the photos and videos of the hugs went viral. One day after the Modi-Trump hugs, news about the hugs continues to gain attention online. The Associated Press created the attached photo collage of PM Modi hugging a variety of leaders and explained that President Trump should have expected Modi’s hug, in light of all the times Modi has hugged other heads of state.

A simple search for “Modi hug” via the Associated Press gallery of photos shows big bear hugs from Narendra Modi to plenty of other people, including celebrities. There’s the time Modi hugged Russian President Vladimir Putin. And Modi also hugged French President Emmanuel Macron, a man whose white-knuckled handshake with President Trump went viral, as seen in the below photo of Macron and Trump shaking hands with a grip so hard it appeared their lives depended on the firm shake.

But Modi’s “folksy embrace,” as the Associated Press termed the hug Modi gave to Trump, is his signature move — something the Indian prime minister is known to use, instead of a white-knuckled shake.

[Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

According to Google Trends, the “Modi-Trump hug” has surged in interest over the past several hours, and folks on social media have their own interpretations over who won the hug-gate scenario between Trump and Modi.

President Barack Obama and Modi hugged when Mr. Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama arrived on Air Force One to Palam, India, on Sunday, January 25, 2015, so the hugging of U.S. presidents is nothing new for Modi.

Modi hugs Trump [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

A search for photos of Modi hugging people via the gallery of photos in the Getty Images gallery results in even more photos than the Associated Press gallery of photos of Modi’s hugs. Getty Images results in 187 photos when one searches for photos of Modi hugging people via a “Modi hug” search, as of this writing, in comparison to the 74 photos of Modi hugging people in the Associated Press gallery of images. Admittedly, all of the photos do not show Modi in the act of hugging someone.

[Featured Image by AP Photo/File]