Daniel Ott, Chad South: Dog Watched As Chop Shop Killer Shot Wrong Man In ‘The Perfect Murder’ For Hire Case

The murder of Daniel ‘Dan’ Ott will be profiled on ID’s The Perfect Murder in their latest episode titled “Garden of Evil.” Daniel Ott, 31, was shot and killed by an intruder named Chad South 11 years ago in his Geauga County, Burton Township, farmhouse. Chad South was hired by Joseph Rosebrook to kill Dan Ott for his cooperation in an investigation of a car theft and chop shop ring. However, the man Rosebrook hired killed the wrong Daniel Ott. The case went cold for almost a decade and was difficult to unravel. Investigators who worked the shocking cold case will help tell the story.

On The Perfect Murder: Man Killed In Farmhouse On Greenhouse Property

It should have been the perfect place for greenhouse and garden worker Daniel Ott and his girlfriend, Mary Anne Ricker, but the tranquil farmhouse, located East of Cleveland, Ohio, turned out to be a real-life hell. Daniel Ott and Mary Anne Ricker were attacked in their home in May of 2006 when an intruder, dressed in camouflage clothing towered over them as they slept. Believing they were dreaming, the reality became all too apparent after the intruder brandished a gun. He ordered them to turn over on their stomachs so he could bind their hands.

In an act of courage, Daniel Ott (Dan Ott) decided he was going to protect his girlfriend at all costs. He managed to free himself. Then, he chased after the intruder. Dan Ott was shot in the chest as the gunman tried to escape. Mary Anne Ricker tried to save Dan by using a towel to cover the gunshot wound in his chest. He later died. Their precious bulldog, Mulligan, had witnessed the tragic events.


The case baffled police. Daniel Ott was a compassionate man without any enemies. It took investigators six months to realize that the wrong Daniel Ott was murdered.

Nine years later, Chad South, who was in prison on another charge, told someone that he had shot the wrong Daniel Ott back in 2006. He also said he was hired by Joseph Rosebrook.

It was a case of mistaken identity. The victim was in his thirties. The intended victim was in his late sixties, ID’s The Perfect Murder will reveal.


The Good Dan Ott vs. The Bad Dan Ott

The Daniel Ott who was shot at his farmhouse in 2006 was a nice man. He lived a quiet and simple life with his girlfriend, and he loved animals and greenery. According to Corral Online, Dan Ott was filled with so much love and compassion that he once swerved his car to avoid hitting an animal. The couple was planning to move to Michigan before Chad South came in and ruined their lives.

The other Dan Ott had been stealing cars since the age of 13. Later, he began selling the stolen cars to chop shops. In his lifetime, Ott has stolen more than 1,000 cars, according to Scene. Someone had tried to kill him twice before. He became a target once again because Joseph Rosebrook wanted revenge for Ott’s testimony regarding a stolen car ring.

Police say Joseph Rosebrook hired Chad South to do the job because they were old prison buddies. Chad South had a woman he loved with him the day he killed Daniel Ott. Authorities say Mindie Mock Stanifer drove with him and was waiting in the vehicle during the murder. She claimed she had no idea that anyone would be killed. Mindie Mock Stanifer was shocked when Chad came back to the car with blood on his clothing.

To find out what happened to everyone who participated in the crime, tune into The Perfect Murder. Starting this Wednesday, June 28, it will air at 9 p.m. on the Investigation Discovery Channel. The murder of Adrienne Shelly was profiled on The Perfect Murder last week.

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