Melania Trump’s Yellow Dress: Her Twitter Page Posts Photo Of Dress As She Wishes A 3-Year-Old Happy Birthday

The yellow dress worn by First Lady Melania Trump on Monday, June 26 is still getting lots of attention one day after she wore the yellow dress seen around the world. The $2,160 yellow dress worn by Melania, as reported by the Inquisitr, was from the pre-fall 2017 collection of Emilio Pucci. And that particular yellow dress gained so much attention that Google Trends reports the search term “Melania Trump yellow dress” has risen by 200 percent in the past hour, while “Melania Trump yellow dress” has surged 140 percent in the past four hours. Obviously, people are having a big reaction to Melania’s yellow dress.

Whether it is the price of the yellow dress or the style of the yellow dress, people definitely have opinions about the yellow crepe gown Melania donned on Monday. According to the Daily Caller, even Jared Kushner took notice of Melania’s yellow dress and paid Melania a compliment, telling his step-mother-in-law that he liked her yellow dress.

Perhaps the bright yellow hue and the eye-catching nature of the dress Melania wore when she and President Donald Trump greeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who gave “germaphobe” Mr. Trump at least three hugs, is the reason some folks are questioning whether Melania’s yellow dress was appropriate.


While some people are praising Melania’s yellow dress on social media as another perfect creation worn by the fashionable first lady, others are concerned about the price of Melania’s yellow dress and the attention-getting nature of wearing such a bright yellow color. Those defending Melania write that the yellow Pucci dress was perfect for a sunny summer afternoon meeting to greet a prime minister who likes to hug people.

For her part, Melania posted more than one photo of herself in the yellow dress to her official Melania Trump Twitter page. The above photo showed Melania stooping in the yellow dress to greet a 3-year-old boy named Monty, and another showed Melania in the same yellow dress, greeting Prime Minister Modi.

Melania Trump in the yellow dress by Pucci. [Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]

More recent photos of Melania in the yellow dress can be seen via the Getty Images gallery of photos of Melania.

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]