Rihanna Flaunts Bigger Booty And Weight Gain As Twitter Cheers: ‘Thick Rihanna Is The Best Rihanna’

Rihanna just may be winning the best booty prize of 2017 (sorry, Kim Kardashian). The songstress has been flaunting her noticeably more curvy derriere recently, and Twitter took notice. After Rihanna had been seen sporting a clinging Juicy sweatsuit at LAX over the weekend, her fans applauded for “thick” Rihanna photos on the social media platform.

Raising awareness of the songstress’ curvy body, X17 Online heralded Rihanna for showing off her “new, juicier booty.” Airport paparazzi are notorious for catching celebrities with unflattering attire, awkward poses, and makeup-free faces. But not Rihanna.

The singer flaunted her newly juicy booty in the skin-tight outfit at the airport as she was leaving Los Angeles. She showed no desire to hide her expanded curves.

Fans have been supporting Rihanna’s bigger booty ever since a sports reporter tried to fat-shame her about a month ago. While she clapped back with a hostile meme, her followers made it clear that they support her regardless of her weight.

The songstress’ Twitter fans have been singing her praises, Butwith the phrase “thick Rihanna” going viral in the supportive tweets.

“Thick Rihanna is the best Rihanna.”

Some even viewed her as a role model, wanting to know her secrets.

“Rihanna has gotten thick and I’m just tryna know her secrets..,” tweeted one fan.

Others shared humor, including memes, in admiring the songstress.

Why do some celebrities get fat-shamed and others, like Rihanna, earn support from Twitter? Refinery 29 pointed out that the praise that Rihanna has received from social media about her weight gain is “complicated.”

Although speculation that Rihanna’s weight gain was due to pregnancy inevitably occurred, those baby bump rumors dwindled quickly, overtaken by the fans who were delighted with the singer’s added pounds, noted Refinery 29.

“Twitter was full of supporters who insisted that Rihanna looks great in her current state.”

While fans continue to cheer for Rihanna’s current weight on social media, the publication took issue with the fact that even though it’s a dramatic difference from the usual fat-shaming of celebrities who put on pounds, she’s still getting a boost in attention only because of her weight.

Drake keeps his eyes on Rihanna's bigger booty.
Drake keeps his eyes on Rihanna's bigger booty. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

“The fact that we are having conversations about Rihanna’s body at all is a reminder of how much emphasis we still put on women’s appearance as important and valuable,” added Refinery 29.

As for those pregnancy rumors? Some fans thought that attempts to blame a baby bump for Rihanna’s weight gain were funny.

The best response to those who still wanted to speculate that Rihanna’s weight gain was due to pregnancy, however, came from the singer herself, reported Madame Noire.

Rihanna reportedly joked on social media about her added pounds, saying that she wasn’t sure how she gained weight but admitting that she “got the gut.” In addition to the singer’s alleged response, an insider quoted by Madame Noire denied that Rihanna is pregnant.

“Rihanna isn’t pregnant, sorry to disappoint everyone, but, nope.”

However, for those seeking a reason for that bigger booty, the source declined to elaborate on what might have caused her weight gain. The insider said only that Rihanna “has something going on,” emphasizing that it is a private matter.

Rihanna flaunts her classy, sassy style.
Rihanna flaunts her classy, sassy style. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

Attempting to squash speculation about the singer’s weight gain, the source also hinted that Rihanna would be slimming down soon.

“The speculation is tough for Rihanna. But, she knows she’ll be back to her regular self soon enough,” added the insider.

Rihanna also has gotten a mixture of speculation and praise for her curvier body on Instagram, along with some body-shaming.

“Fine legs queen!” wrote one fan.

“Fat,” opined a fat-shaming follower.

However, just as with Twitter, the majority of Rihanna’s fans were in favor of her recent weight gain.

“You are so beautiful,” gushed a fan.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella]