‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Bryan Says He Is ‘Truly Falling In Love’ With Rachel

It was clear on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette that Rachel and Byran had forged a bond. Bryan told Rachel that he was falling in love with her during a tryst on a sailboat. However, after Rachel admitted that she was ready to go deeper with Bryan, she took some time off her preoccupation with Bryan to try to get to the bottom of what sparked the confrontation between Kenny and Lee.

Kenny and Lee continued their feud in this week’s episode, with Lee remarking that he appreciated the fact that Kenny had calmed down after he lost his cool during an earlier confrontation.

“You’re a disingenuous snake and I’m calling you on it,” Kenny said heatedly.

Lee turned and walked away from him.

“See what a b***h does when a b***h is confronted?” Kenny said as Lee walked way.

Lee ignored the remark and went to join Will.

Will told Lee that he thought Kenny was justifiably angered when Lee described him as “aggressive,” because black men were often unfairly stereotyped as angry and aggressive.

While Lee and Kenny faced off, Rachel was having a date with Bryan on a sailboat secured to the dock.

Bryan said he’d been thinking about Rachel’s previous comment that she was worried he might be having her on and that he seemed to good to be true. Bryan argued that he also felt that way and it could be a sign that they were meant for each other.


“I feel like we’re going to fall in love at the end of all of this, just to be honest with you,” he said.

Rachel looked pleased and happy when he said that.

“I have blind faith. I’m going all in and I’m not going to stop,” Bryan added.

The two swooned over each other for a while and Rachel eventually gave him the date rose.

She later had a one-on-one date with the Texan attorney, Jack. Rachel, 32, is also an attorney from Dallas, Texas. Some viewers thought that the two would take to each other immediately because of what they share in common, but Lindsay shared with viewers that she did not feel any connection with Jack.

“I feel like the person that I could fall in love with is literally sitting next to me tonight,” poor Jack later said.

They went on a date. While they were at a dance class, Jack tried to express his feelings. However, he only succeeded in making Rachel uncomfortable because she did not feel the same about him.

“I don’t feel a connection in a romantic way and so because of that, I can’t give you the rose tonight,” she finally responded.

“I don’t feel that it’s fair just to drag you along.”


She later gave roses to Eric, Peter, Adam, Will, Matt, Alex, Josiah, Anthony, Kenny, and Lee.

The Bachelorette then traveled to Oslo, where Rachel had another one-on-one with Bryan.

“This is the craziest experience I’ve ever had,” Rachel shared. “But looking to my left, Bryan’s right there beside me. Bryan is making me feel like I can do anything.”

She confessed to Bryan over dinner that she was awkward about handling compliments.

“I am truly falling in love with you and I can’t even let you know how excited I am to let those words out of my mouth because that’s very hard,” Bryan said.

“That’s something that doesn’t happen often, but I just never want you to not know where I stand.”

Speaking to the camera, Rachel revealed that she was ready to go deeper with Bryan.

She later had a group date with Adam, Peter, Alex Eric, Josiah, Dean, Anthony, Matt, and Will. During the group date, she kissed Alex after he read a love letter he had written. She also kissed Will.

Josiah called her the woman of his dreams.

“You are so beautiful and when I look into your eyes—I just want to grow old with you and I really mean that, Rachel.”


However, Rachel appeared to be unconvinced about the sincerity of Josiah’s effusion. She joined Peter for a bottle of wine and a steamy massage.

She then proceeded to hand the group date rose to Will, much to Peter’s disappointment.

Kenny and Lee later had a separate group date with Rachel. Kenny admitted to Rachel that he yelled at Lee and called him a snake, but he tried to assure her that he hadn’t been violent.

Lee later told Rachel when they were alone that Kenny had shouted profanities at him and nearly got physical. He also claimed that Kenny had lost his temper after drinking.

Rachel then returned to Kenny to confirm Lee’s claims. But Kenny denied them.

Keen viewers had foreseen the moment that Bryan said the word “love” to Rachel. Although she admitted that she was ready to be wooed by Bryan, it was not clear if she felt herself falling in love with him. But there was no mistaking the fact that she felt more for him than for the others. However, it is only five weeks into the series, thus, there is still time for her to connect with other contestants.

Some of the contestants could still be hoping to connect with Rachel due to the feeling that Bryan seems too good to be true.

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