The Cast Of ’13 Reasons Why’ Goes To The San Francisco Pride Festival And It’s Totally Adorable [Pictures]

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why may have been one of the most controversial shows the company has aired, but it has remained one of the most popular it has ever put on the streaming service. Some viewers have expressed concern that the TV series, based on the book by Jay Asher of the same name, encourages teenagers to commit suicide as a way to get back at their bullies, or that it does not accurately describe the finality of suicide.

Others disliked the show for the fact that it portrayed rape and suicide in graphic and realistic ways, which many people found to be incredibly triggering.

Two families in the San Francisco Bay Area, where 13 Reasons Why was filmed (as is currently filming Season 2), have said that the show triggered their children to commit suicide, as they did so shortly after watching the series.

But no matter which way you look at it, the show has had an underlying message of love, being kinder to one another, and accepting oneself in their truest form. In order to reinforce that message, the cast of 13 Reasons Why took time off from their schedule filming the second season of the show to march in the San Francisco Pride Parade, and it was totally adorable.

The cast clearly enjoyed themselves in the City by the Bay as they celebrated tolerance and equality.

Although 13 Reasons Why does not specifically touch on homosexuality for the main character, the issue is broached with two of the minor characters. One, Ryan Shaver, is an open homosexual who betrays Hannah by putting a private poem in his literary journal for the entire school to see, which discusses her intimate desires and her feelings of despair. However, his homosexuality is secondary to his role on the TV show.

Courtney Crimsen, however, is one secondary character whose homosexuality plays a much bigger role in the show. She is caught on camera kissing Hannah Baker, the main character, by a character who is stalking Hannah, Tyler Down. When the picture gets circulated, Courtney quickly throws Hannah under the bus to ignore her own issues with her homosexuality.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]