‘TMOG’: Amber Portwood Breaks Down After Hearing Results Of Matt Baier’s Polygraph Test

Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood, 27, freaked out on Monday night’s season finale of the show after she saw the results of her fiancé Matt Baier’s polygraph test. She had required Baier to undergo a polygraph test due to suspicions that he had been unfaithful after she received a message from a girl who claimed that Baier had tried to have sex with her.

During the polygraph test, Baier denied having had sexual relations or communications with anyone besides Amber since October 10, 2014. He also denied that he made “sexual advances” to anyone during the same period.

The polygraph test results indicated that he was truthful when he denied having had sexual relations or sexual communications with anyone other than Amber. However, the results suggested he had not been truthful when he denied having made “sexual advances” to someone.

Amber Portwood was upset by the test results. She shouted profanities angrily at Baier and stormed out of the room. She later broke down and sobbed in the elevator. She punched the elevator wall in frustration as producer Kiki tried to restrain her.

“What about Leah? How do I explain this to her? How do I explain this to her?” she asked tearfully.

“It’s a very vague question. I passed the direct ones. I’m sorry she’s upset but I didn’t do anything wrong,” Matt later said. “I didn’t cheat. I never would and when she settles down, she’ll realize that. That’s the important thing. I win. I passed.”

He tried to calm Portwood when he came outside, but she flared up in anger and shouted profanities at him. She reminded him about how she had helped him financially in the past.

“Trash! Trash!” she screamed. “I got you money! I got you deals! Who are you laughing at? F*** you! Sexual advance? You tried to f*** her!”

As she left without Baier, she continued wondering aloud how to explain the situation to her daughter Leah.

“Man, my baby. What is she gonna say to me?” she moaned.

“I’ve wasted seven years of my life with a man. And then I wasted three years of my 20s. My teenager years and my 20s.”

Fans will learn about the status of Matt and Amber’s relationship during the reunion show. However, E! News reported that Amber said she believed there was still hope for their relationship. The website also reported that the pair recently checked into Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition.

“We’re working things out. We’re working on our issues,” she said earlier in the month. “That’s all that needs to be said.”

“I wasn’t against it because I guess I kind of felt like I wanted to know,” she had earlier told Us Weekly while commenting about her decision to have Baier take the lie detector test. “I was happy with some of the results…it clarified some things. “

“It still doesn’t change the other problems that we had in our relationship and things that happened in the past like lying,” she added. “So there’s a lot that needs to be worked on there for us to even think [about being] together.”

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