LaVar Ball Shows Up At WWE Raw, Rips Shirt Off And Instigates The Miz As Son LaMelo Utters Racial Slur

LaVar Ball continues to baffle everyone as he made his debut on WWE’s Monday Night Raw in what many described as a ridiculous yet entertaining night.

The boisterous LaVar came to WWE Raw with his sons and basketball phenoms Lonzo and LaMelo Ball. The Ball family were guests of The Miz on his “MizTV” segment. LaVar and LaMelo, who recently verbally committed to the UCLA Bruins, were first introduced and things quickly turned bizarre. LaVar, probably overcome with excitement and the cheers and jeers of the crowd, started doing some kind of dance before running like crazy and leaving the younger Ball behind. LaVar climbed the ring and spent a few seconds on his back before getting up and greeting The Miz. Of course, the outspoken LaVar just had to take the mic and make his presence felt a little more.

“Big Baller Brand in the house! That’s what we do!”

LaVar then introduced his other son Lonzo, whom he described as not only the face of the Big Baller Brand but also the face of the Los Angeles Lakers. Lonzo got an amazing reception from the Los Angeles crowd as he made his way to the ring. This also marked the first time that Lonzo appeared at the Staples Center as part of the Lakers.

The Miz said that it was an honor to be in their presence and to be working on a partnership with Big Baller Brand which LaVar vehemently denied. The elder Ball then stressed that they are looking for someone else that is on a higher level than where The Miz is right now which, of course, angered the current Intercontinental Champion.


CBS Sports reported that the Miz and LaVar jawed at each other until both ripped their shirts off and were seemingly about to fight though Lonzo and LaMelo were visibly laughing at seeing their father shirtless and doing some karate chops of some sort.

“There’s only two dudes better than me and I’m both of them!”

Before things got messy between LaVar Ball and The Miz, Dean Ambrose appeared on the ramp wearing a Big Baller Brand shirt. Ambrose then claimed that it was him who is working with the Ball family and their business.


Unfortunately, the WWE Raw appearance of the Ball family took a controversial turn after LaMelo was heard on live TV uttering a racial slur. According to For The Win, the WWE issued a statement regarding the 15-year-old’s use of the N-word.

“The inappropriate language used by a guest during the ‘Miz TV’ segment was not scripted nor reflects WWE’s values.”

On a lighter note, before the entrance of the Ball family, The Miz shared the stage with his wife and fellow wrestler Maryse. The Miz attempted to kiss Maryse as he proclaimed that they have “never been happier.” However, the two-time WWE Divas Champion pulled away leaving The Miz hanging and a tad embarrassed. It looks like The Miz has one more thing to be embarrassed about after he was apparently left out by LaVar Ball and the Big Baller Brand.

[Featured Image by Mike Stobe/Getty Images]