Pregnant Woman Beaten Up At Long Island High School Graduation [Video]

A reportedly pregnant woman was left with blood streaming down the right side of her face after a brawl erupted at the end of a Long Island, New York, high school graduation ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

The alarming NSFW 2-1/2 minute video of the melee, which also features a lot of yelling, that occurred outside the William Floyd High School in Brookhaven was uploaded to Facebook and then found its way to other social media platforms.

The cell phone video (embedded below) opens with at least two woman grappling on the ground. As those present for the graduation try to break up the fight, it appears another teen runs up and repeatedly punches one of the individuals on the ground. The fight stops, but then seems to start up again.

School security finally broke up the brawl, but incredible as it may seem, Suffolk County cops have yet to make any arrests, apparently because things had calmed down by the time they arrived and the crowd had dispersed. An investigation is ongoing, however, so watch this space for updates on what detectives might come up with.

According to the New York Post, Bianca Bouchard, age, 21, who is reportedly just shy of four months pregnant and is apparently the person in the video who was bleeding from the head or face, was there attending the graduation of her sister’s boyfriend.

“She said she doesn’t know the woman who kicked her, but said the brawl was a family feud that initially started on Facebook between her 15-year-old sister and another relative through marriage…Bouchard got caught up in the mayhem after trying to defend her younger sister,” the Post explained.

Bouchard told the Post that she is fine other than a sore head. She suffered just a scratch on the back of her head in the encounter. The individual who recorded the scuffle on his phone suggested that the victim was hit in the face with a heel, prompting the free-for-all, the Post noted.

The local school district released a lengthy statement about the brawl at William Floyd High School, Fox5 New York and several other news agencies reported.

“We are disappointed by the actions of those who instigated the incident on what was a joyous occasion for our students and their families. As a school and community, we won’t let the small number of spectators involved in inappropriate behavior overshadow the accomplishments of so many wonderful students and their families celebrating graduation day. Many of our students are headed to the finest colleges and universities in the world, will serve honorably in the armed forces or begin the initial steps of their careers after learning valuable skills in one of our career and technical education academies. Graduation day is about them.”


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Watch the footage of the Long Island high school brawl below.

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