WWE Rumors: Baron Corbin Cashing In ‘Money in the Bank’ On Brock Lesnar?

One of the biggest problems heading into brand extension was how WWE officials would handle the Money in the Bank briefcase. This year, the briefcase and the PPV event would be exclusive to SmackDown Live. A lot of people expected Baron Corbin to win the Money in the Bank contract, but there’s some speculation for him to possibly move to Raw and cash in the briefcase for the WWE Universal Championship very soon.

The rumor first caught fire after it was announced that Brock Lesnar will be defending the WWE Universal Title against Baron Corbin during a SmackDown Live house show on July 29. A match between The Lone Wolf and The Beast Incarnate is a surprise for many reasons. They’re on separate brands and Corbin getting a Universal Title shot is interesting even if it is just during a WWE live event. It creates a lot more questions.

For instance, WWE recently just made John Cena a “free agent” because it benefited the company. With the ratings swirling down, could WWE officials be planning for Baron Corbin to cash in Money in the Bank for the WWE Universal Championship instead of the WWE Title on SmackDown Live?

Baron Corbin Won the Money in the Bank This weekend
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Baron Corbin beating The Beast Incarnate, a move to Raw and becoming the WWE Universal Champion on Raw would elevate him to the top of the WWE ladder. In all likelihood, the powers that be are just trying to give the Joe Louis Arena a great sendoff with a big match, but it is also a matchup that will benefit The Lone Wolf a lot more than Lesnar. Corbin getting a singles match at any WWE event is a huge vote of confidence.

Brock Lesnar is Being Advertised For Raw Over a Week After WWE Summerslam
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The unpredictability of the Money in the Bank briefcase is a huge reason for the concept’s success over these past several years. Edge was the first to cash in the contract. Seth Rollins did it at WrestleMania. However, Baron Corbin jumping brands and cashing in the briefcase to defeat Brock Lesnar would be a career-making moment for him. On paper, the briefcase is exclusive to SmackDown, but WWE officials could change that.

Corbin vs. Lesnar won’t happen for another month, so WWE officials have some time to decide if a massive swerve like that is in the best interest of the company. WWE established the brand extension last year, but a change like John Cena’s threatens to blur the lines between the brands. If someone like Baron Corbin can be moved with Money in the Bank, the WWE Universe may start to reject the brand split. For now, Corbin vs. Lesnar is just for one night only. The fans will just need to wait and see if it becomes something even bigger.

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