John Cusack Tweet To Trump: ‘Yer Dead Get Yerself Buried’

John Cusack, star of films like 1408 and Hot Tub Time Machine 1 & 2, has added himself to the list of liberal celebrities to call out POTUS Trump on social media. In an hours-long Twitter rant Monday, Cusack engaged Trump supporters and critics alike. And in the midst of his slew of anti-Trump tweets, there was one that made the collective heads of right-wing pundits and Trump supporters spin.

In the tweet, John Cusack referenced a quote from the 1957 film Sweet Smell of Success starring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis. For those unfamiliar with the award-winning flick, it tells the tale of newspaper columnist J.J. Hunsecker who is desperate to prevent his sister from marrying a jazz musician. Hunsecker enlinsts the services of press agent Sindey Falco to put the kibosh on the relationship, no matter what lengths he has to go to.

One of the film’s most famous quotes, according to IMDb is one short line about being dead and getting yourself buried.

“You’re dead, son. Get yourself buried.”

The meaning of the quote? The recipient is already dead in the water. And John Cusack had the audacity to share the quote in meme form while addressing Trump directly. Not surprisingly, many Trump supporters took the words as a threat.

As Fox News reported, the reaction to John Cusack’s tweet was instantaneous, and it came from people on both sides of the political aisle. Fox News contributor Todd Starnes even accused Cusack of having to come out of his “safe space” to sling the social media insult, while begging the question, “Was it a message or was it a threat?”

According to John Cuscack, who is still going back and forth with both friend and foe on Twitter, the meme was anything but a threat. It was simply a reference to a movie quote and scenario that the star feels is relevant to the Trump presidency.

Despite Cuscack’s arguments that he wasn’t threatening Trump, many supporters of the POTUS invoked the Secret Service. According to Cusack though, when he spoke of death, he was referring to the “crazy lying [Trump] administration,” not the POTUS himself. Far from attempting to incite violence, John Cusack claims that he was merely sharing a picture that he liked.

A picture that was apparently one of many that came into existence when a light-artist hit the streets of Chicago with a political message.

Despite John Cusack’s ongoing insistence that his anti-Trump, “You’re dead, son. Get yourself buried,” tweet had nothing to do with wishing the POTUS dead (or trying to find someone to make the POTUS’ death happen), many on the political right continue to allege that Cusack was calling for violence against The Donald.

For example, Todd Starnes is now prophesying the possibility of a Secret Service branch in Hollywood, and even comparing John Cusack’s movie quote tweet to Johnny Depp’s talk of presidential assassins and Kathy Griffin and her infamous bloody Trump mask.

“I would not be surprised if the Secret Service opened a permanent branch office on Hollywood Boulevard.”

Particularly because Cusack recently (and humorously) called for Trump’s impeachment on Twitter.

“Impeach this insane clown horror show.”

And while the criticism and support continue to swirl on John Cusack’s Twitter feed, the star is remaining mellow and low-key. He’s even suggesting that confused folks check out Sweet Smell of Success so they can get his drift.

So, what do you think? Did John Cusack threaten Trump by sharing a movie quote on his Twitter feed? Or were the prolific actor’s intentions misconstrued by Trump supporters? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by David J. Phillip/AP Images]