Kate Middleton Reveals Her Beauty Regimen: Here’s How You Can Get Duchess Kate’s Glowing Skin

Kate Middleton is well known for her glowing skin, and now Duchess Kate has shared the very simple secret that keeps her skin so fresh and bright.

The style icon is quite open about the secrets to her beauty, whether it be her bargain dresses or her health and beauty tips. And now Duchess Kate’s regimen for glowing skin is out, thanks to her makeup artist Arabella Preston.

In an interview with The Cut, Preston revealed that Kate Middleton’s secret to glowing skin lies in the flannel.

Popsugar translates for those not hooked into British lingo.

“For non-Brits who aren’t familiar with the term, she’s not talking about a plaid button-down shirt; flannel is a British term for a terry-towel facial washcloth,” the report noted. “These types of cloth are ideal for gently exfoliating and removing makeup and dirt, as they offer a less-harsh alternative to motorized cleansing brushes, Preston explained.”

Duchess Kate has previously shared some other parts of her skin regimen, News.com.au noted, including using Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil while she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte. A source had previously shared with Us Weekly that Kate is very careful about what she puts on her skin, especially during her pregnancies.

“Baby’s health comes first,” a source told the outlet (via News.com.au).

While her health and beauty tips are always popular, Kate Middleton is more often gaining attention for her fashion choices. Duchess Kate has become an internationally known style icon, mixing in bargains with some high-fashion favorites.

She recently made headlines for her outfit for the 2017 Royal Ascot races, when Duchess Kate appeared to wear the same dress that she had on for the races the previous year.

On closer analysis, the Mirror found that her white Alexander McQueen was actually a modified version of the brand’s white mini dress, while last year she wore a similar one from Dolce & Gabbana that had a lower neckline and a tiered skirt.

Kate has done well with some more affordable brands, including the $68 ASOS maternity dress she wore in 2015 in a visit to a hospital, one that helped the company sell out almost immediately.

The dress Kate wore this year’s Royal Ascot retailed for more than $5,000, so it’s likely out of range for the average person to afford. But it would be a lot easier to try out Kate Middleton’s tip for glowing skin, which requires only a terry-towel facial cloth that costs a few dollars.

[Featured Image by Neil Hall – WPA Pool/Getty Images]