Joseph Hernandez: Man Told 'You're Ugly, Kill Yourself' By Instagram Model Now More Famous Than His Attacker

Joseph Hernandez only smirked while Instagram "model" Christian Burns berated him in a viral video, telling the security guard, "You're not famous, kill yourself."

Hernandez might be smiling even bigger now that the incident has gone viral, with fans flooding the cool-headed security guard with attention and helping him become twice as popular as Burns.

The original incident played out last week at the annual VidCon conference in Southern California. The convention offers social media personalities and YouTubers the chance to interact with fans and participate in panels, discussing the future of their social media. But the most attention of the conference came from a confrontation outside the arena when security guards had to keep a group of people from entering and Christian Burns unleashed a tirade of insults on them.

"You deserve to die," Burns said in the viral video. "Like, crucified."

"You're ugly as f**k and irrelevant. Kill yourself," he added.

The video gained attention across the country, with many making fun of Christian Burns for his attitude. A self-styled Instagram model -- his page is filled with shots of Christian brooding to the camera -- Burns only has about 28,000 followers, putting him at the very low end of the celebrity spectrum.

Even Christian's own page seems to acknowledge his low stature among celebrities. In his Instagram information, Burns links to his own listing on the site Famous Birthdays that shows him as the site's No. 70,834 most popular celebrity.

In the wake of the video, many other social media personalities sought out Joseph Hernandez, who kept a calm demeanor through Christian's insults and only smirked in reply. Louis Cole even helped share Hernandez's Instagram page, which was flooded with subscribers and supportive comments.

Many fans and YouTube stars also stopped to snap pictures with Hernandez, helping him become a celebrity in his own right. There was an equally strong backlash against Christian Burns, with many calling on the conference's organizers to have him thrown out for the remainder of the conference. It wasn't clear if he was participating in any kind of way or just attending along with the close to 30,000 others who showed up for VidCon.The attention also seemed to take away one of the main taunts by the Instagram model in the original viral video. Joseph Hernandez is now sporting more than 65,000 followers on Instagram, which is more than double that of Christian Burns.

[Featured Image by Joseph Hernandez/Instagram]