‘Pawn Stars’ Fined For Leaving Trash At Campsite

Pawn Stars Rick and Corey Harrison were reportedly fined last month for trashing a state campground in California.

TMZ reports that the Harrisons, as well as several friends, were fined $1000 per person for leaving their campsite filled with garbage and beer bottles. Rick supposedly told the cops that “he’s got a buddy who’s an expert in fines” who said that the ticket was only worth $50. Unfortunately, trashing a state campground in California is considered a misdemeanor and the fines are not negotiable.

Corey Harrison downplayed the incident saying that the Pawn Stars crew was not fined by California police. Harrison said that he left early with his father and that his friends were supposed to clean up. Harrison’s buddy didn’t clean and they were all given tickets.

Harrison said:

“We left the campground before our buddies did and they were to clean it up and apparently didn’t follow through. My father nor I were cited.”

Harrison may deny that the Pawn Stars were fined during their rowdy Thanksgiving weekend but he doesn’t deny that they left the campground a mess. Local law enforcement said that there was enough garbage to fill 10 trash bags at the Glamis, California campsite.

Here’s a photo of the trashed campsite.

trashed campsite

The trash incident wasn’t the Pawn Stars only run-in with police that weekend. Corey Harrison posted a photo on Twitter during the trip of one of his friend’s getting arrested. According to Harrison, the friend had purchased a dirt bike off of Craigslist before the trip. Police thought that the bike was stolen, however, and had him arrested.