Artist Paints Boobs On US President Faces, Says It’s Not A Political Statement

Artist Emily Deutchman has an interesting theme that permeates throughout her repertoire. She draws boobs on the faces of our US presidents.

The story goes that Deutchman was suffering from “painter’s block.” The 24-year-old Skidmore graduate was living in New York, working at an art-focused talent agency. For some reason, the only thing she could bring herself to draw… was boobs. She drew boobs constantly, and on everything. She couldn’t see any practical application for boobs (clearly, she’s not an avid internet user) until a friend posed an interesting suggestion.

When asked to draw portraits of some of her friends, Deutchman declined: “I remember saying, ‘No! I can’t! It won’t look like them, and I’ll be frustrated!'” she says. The friend replied, “Well, just put boobs on their face.”

And so it began. With the theme of “boobs” as her focus, Deutchman began a series called “Presidents with Boob Faces.”

“I decided to slap breasts on president’s faces for a number of reasons,” she told NY Magazine. “I wanted a series, but I also wanted a series to which people would inevitably attach meaning and intent.”

So, what is she trying to say with this series, which debuted this fall at the Living Gallery in Bushwick? Is it a critique of the lack of female politicians throughout history? Is it some kind of veiled criticism of the presidents depicted? Deutchman laughs off these questions.

“I didn’t set out with an agenda.” Deutschman explains. “I enjoy the fact that the project lends itself to a lot of inquiry and discussion, but can also just be enjoyed on a purely humorous level. You don’t have to be educated or knowledgeable about the political system in order to like them. They’re boobs on a president’s face.”